Nimki Mukhiya 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki comes to Haveli

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Nimki Mukhiya 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganesh says please tell us truth. Is it your baby? Nimki says it’s Babbu’s baby. It’s a symbol of his rape. Don’t drag Abhi in all this. A woman says I told you Abhi comes here for a reason. They had an affair. If it were Babbu’s baby, he wont have accused Abhi like this. Tune says shut up. Abhi says let them be. Tune says they are defaming you. Abhi says I don’t care but don’t dare saying a word against Nimki. I was with her and I will always be.

Nimki is sitting silently in the room. She recalls everything. She recalls what people said. Everyone looks at her from wnindow. Nimki is in tears. Mono cries. Mauha hugs her. Ramla hugs them both. Mauha recalls their moments in that house. Mono comes to Nimki and gives her food.
Abhi is upset too. Mausi consoles him. He hugs her. The song naina plays in background. Mauha and Mono fall asleep in Nimki’s lap.

Ramla says it is easy for other people to abort the child. But not for the mother. Mauha says motherhood? Did you see how Nimki was? Tune says Nimki said this child is like a prick to her. Mauha is right. Why should she keep his sin? Ramla says it isn’t easy for her. It’s a life attached to hers now. What is child’s fault in all this? It will be sin. Mauha don’t say any such thing to Nimki. You are speaking as if you have many kids. Tune says what are you saying. Ramla says she is right. I couldn’t be a mother. That’s why I am saying all this. Mauha says I am sorry. I said that in anger. I didn’t mean it. Nimki comes there. Nimki says chachi.. Nimki says don’t say you couldn’t be a mom. You have been our mom since childhood. YOu always loved us. You fed us, you showered us. You are our mother. Nimki hugs her. Ramla cries. Mauha hugs them. Ramla says I am forgiving today but never say it again. You don’t need to give birth to be a mom. Nimki says motherhood.. She touches her stomach.

Scene 2
Babu sees in the mirror. He recalls raping Nimki. He recalls what Sweeti said. He throws mug in anger. Rekha says in all this case, you maintained your body. Teach your brother. Babu says go from here. rekha says there should be man like you. You never touched that Nimki and then in one go she is.. Rekha giggles. Babu says shut up or I will kill you here. Rekha says what I said wrong? You know it’s your baby. Babu throws the mug on her. she runs.

Mauha says didi where are you going? Nimki says Tune come with me. Mauha says but where are you going? Nimki says do I have to answer everytime before going? Mauha says no you should rest. Ramla says you also have to decide. Nimki says I have decided. Mauha says you will abort the baby? Nimki says I am going to get the sweets. Nimki says I haven’t given good news to them? I am more mad at myself than them. Why didn’t I stop all this? I knew they would get the news. Tune says I asked you to kill him. Nimki says I will kill him alive and ruin his life. I will answer all his questions today. Where are the posters? Tune says we burned them. Nimki says there must be one left. Let’s go. Mauha says I will go with you. Nimki says this is my battle, let me fight it. Ramla says we are all part of it. Mauha says Tune can go with you? I can’t.. Nimki says he is my supporting hero. He creates power in the scene. Let’s go. Nimki and Tune leave.

Tettar says to Sweeti and Dablo see what happened to your Nimki. Annaro says she is defamed in the whole village. Rekha says she has a say in the village. Remember she got Diamond’s hand broken and then threw dirt on Tettar? All because of Nimki. And they came here twice. Annaro says if she comes here I will break her legs. Nimki opens the door. Everyone is dazed.
Precap-Nimki says congratulations. You’re going to be a father. Annaro says how much money do you need to abort this baby? Nimki says you’re so proud of your blood and wealth right? I will bring that child in streets of ghat tola. You will hate your blood.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SsiyAa

    why abortion is that big issue here?.. the child has to be beared by nimki and not babbu, so how come they will suffer!

  2. It is a point less garbage! Don’t waste time.

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