Nimki Mukhiya 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nehar fills MLA form

Nimki Mukhiya 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimii says to Babbu and says say him we have proofs. Nehar says you wont give me congratulations? You couldn’t move me from your way. Tettar says shut up. Babbu says we still have that recording or.. Nehaar says or people will know my sin. Kundan says what are you doing? We will be jailed. Nehar says if they have recording of the medicine scandal i have one of the deal. Where they all decided to settle everything down and hide it. Babbu says he is lying. Nehar says let me play it. Tettar says you didn’t do right. Babbu shoves him. He says I filled the form already. Babbu hits him. All people start fighting.

Moray lal says to Abhi should we proceed? Nehar and tettar are very clever. Don’t mess with them they caan.. Abhi says I wont sit down even if they kill me. I am here to fight. He says then I will fight with you. Abhi says DM isn’t picking phone either. Moraylal says DM is coming to office in 15 minutes. Abhi says lets go to him with recording.

Rekha says why are they not picking call? Did they meet an accident. Annaro says I will kill you. Sweeti says don’t you think before speaking. Annaro says bring the bullet. Tettar comes home angry. Annaaro says what happened? Rekha says missed it? Babbu says go from here. Ritu says we filled the form but Nehar did too. Nimki says he can never win. Ritu says he is very clever. nimki says ignore him. He has no value in front of you. She says dadi tettar was so good today all people cheered for him. Ritu says we made a mistake my asking Nimki to delete the recording. Nimki says I still have it. He can’t do anything. I have one more that is with Abhi. Everyone is dazed. Rity says what why? She says Abhi wasn’t trusting me I make him listen to it. He sent it to himself. Everyone is shocked.

Kundan says to Nehar my support is with you. Dablo comes in and says congratulations. Nehrar says you will get all tenders when I become the MLA. Dablo says who would I go in rally’s of? Nehar says go in your father’s but be on our side. Dablo says kundan is in my dad’s party and you are trusting me? you think I am crazy. You forgot that I am Tettar’s son. Nehar says you can’t do this. We will give you all tenders. Dablo laughs and says I was just kidding I was on your side. I want to show my dad what can I do.
Nimki tells everyone what happened. Ritu says we have to stop BDO. Ritu says but he wont let nimki be involved so he wont take it to police.
Nimki says we have a vote bank. Nothing can happen against us. Nimki says send juice in my room. Sweeti says why are you all worried? Babbu says that BDO.. Nothing go from here.
Ritu says we have to hurry up. Tettar says call BDO. Tettar calls Mahatu and tells him everything. He says how did he get it? Tettar says Nimki.. He says do you know what will happen? everything will be over. Stop BDO at any cost. Ritu says BDO has gone to meet DM.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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