Nimki Mukhiya 31st December 2018 Written Episode Update

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Nimki Mukhiya 31st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi comes to see Nimki. He says are you okay? He looks at Sweeti in the hospital with Ritu. He says your driver told me. Nimki says I am fine. This plaster is so stylish. Abhi says stop joking. Who were those people? These woman’s brother? Ritu says don’t say rubbish. Abhi throttles him. Nimki says those were some thugs. Abhi says could be their new thugs. Ritu says we are just here for a check up. We didn’t harm Nimki. ABhi says you are digusting and so is your whole family. Sweeti asks ritu to go. Abhi says we are going to police station. Ritu wonders who got Nimki stabbed.

Babbu beats his thug and says you couldn’t do anything. HE says Nimki jumped in water. Tettar says what are you upto? He says nothing. Babbu says ask all thugs to leave that place.

asks Abhi to calm down. She says they have lost it ever since I sent them notice. Abhi says what would happen if they harmed you more? She says it was filmy don’t worry. Abhi says life isn’t a film. She says are you angry because of my hand or seeing Sweeti? Abhi says enough. I don’t care about her. She has tettar’s dirty blood.

Ritu calls Tettar and informs him everything. He says let me come back and speak. Sweeti asks doctor how is nimki? Doctor says I can’t share information of another patient. Sweeti says we are related by pain. The same people gave us pain. Tune comes in. Sweeti asks him how is Nimki. He says do I know? We are poor people. Sweeto stops him. Tune says why should I talk to you? Who are you? She says you called me brother. HE says do you remember? Abhi was your husband to be and Nimki.. She did so much for and what did you do in return? You are just Ritu’s wife and nothing else. Tune says please levae us alone. don’t do this drama.
Ritu is looking for Sweeti. Sweeti holds Tune’s hand. She says hate me as much as you want. This is what I deserve. Everyone hates me. I did all this for Nimki and Abhi. Tune says don’t do this drama. Sweeti says Abhi loves Nimki but he was marrying me out of sympathy. Nimki loves Abhi too. She was sacrificing her love. He says what? She says if I married him no one would be happy. Tune says why didn’t you tell anyone? She says if I tell everyone they would take me out of haveli and get me married to abhi to save me. But he loves Nimki. I took a side from their love. I want to see them together. She deserves happiness. they are made for each other. Tune is in tears. Nmki calls tune. Sweeti says don’t tell this anyone. He says why are you punishing yourself? She says someone has to pay for my family’s sins. tUne says I am so sorry for getting you wrong. Always let me know if you need something. I am your brother. She leaves. tune cries. Ritu heard all this.

Precap-Nimki asks a woman to slap her husband in front of Babbu who is supporting her husband. s

Update Credit to: Atiba

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