Nimki Mukhiya 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu shoots Sweeti

Nimki Mukhiya 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says should we call Tettar? Sweeti recalls how badly tettar treats her. She says should I call moray lal? He is old. Nimki says pandit ji you are old too you should do it. He says tettar will kill me anyway. Abhi says can we do it without kaniya dan? Nimki says so hasty? pandit ji says kaniya dan has to be done by a father. Tune says can i do it as a brother? Sweeti recalls babbu in tears. Babbu is on his way. Tune ties their knot together.
Babbu says I will kill them. Tune says i made you my sister. i will keep up with this relationship forever. Sweeti says so will I.

Rekha says what if she gets married before babu reaches there. Tettar says shut up. Abhi and Sweeti take rounds around the fire. Abi stops and looks at Nimki. She puts hand on Tune’s shoulder.

The knot is about to loose. Nimki tightens it. Babbu and diamond are close. Pandit ji says now you will fill her hairline. Tune says they will be each other’s once he fills her hairline.
Nimki is in tears. Tune says what happened? Babbu goes upstairs. a man stosp and says your sister is getting married right? Babbu says I will shoot your right now. He shoves the man. Nimki sees them. Abhi is about to fill the hairline. Babbu runs upstairs. Babbu fires in he air. Abhi stops. Sweeti and Abhi stand up. Babbu points gun at them. Babbu shoots Sweeti. she falls down. Abhi holds her. Babbu says I wont leave anyone. Abhi snatches the gun from them. He hits babbu. Nimki gives Sweeti water. The bullet is in her chest. Tune hits Diamond. Nimki says we have to take her to hospital. Abhi says I will kill you babu. Nimki picks the gun. They rush Sweeti to hospital. Elena has fainted too. Nimki says sweeti you have to be strong. she recalls her childhood with Babbu.

A man comes and tells Mauha that babbu has shot sweeti. Mauha calls tune but he doesn’t pick. Mauha says I asked nimki not to do this. Have they killed Nimki too? Ram says no.. Ram says take me.. He falls from the bed. Mauha says please papa i am trying to call them.
Abhi takes Sweeti to hospital. They rush her to emergency. Tune comes there. Nimki says where is elena? HE takes elena out of the car. Abhi looks at Sweeti. He says you don’t have to give up. Nimki says we are all with you. Tune is here too. Doctor checks Sweeti. He says who shot her? Nimki says Babbu. Doctor is dazed. He stops.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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