Nimki Mukhiya 29th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritu slaps Sweeti

Nimki Mukhiya 29th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The officer says to Nimki go we are giving you electricity. Nimki says are you giving us aid? He says you made me angry. Now the transformer will be fixed in a week. Nimki says I am Mukhiya. You can’t talk to me like this. Nimki is about to hit him. She says I am coming back and I will see how you don’t give us electricity. You will come to the panchayat. I will see how you don’t give us electricity.

Abhi and Elena are shopping.
Sweeti is in market with diamond too. Diamond says please hurry up I have to go with my friends. Elena sees Sweeti and runs towards her. Diamond shoves her and says stay away from my sister. Eelena falls. Abhi slaps Diamond. He picks Elena. Abhi says I tolerated everything. Sweeti hugs Elena. Abhi says don’t you dare doing

this again. Sweeti says apologize elena. Diamond says I will tell dad everything. He goes home. Sweeti hugs Elena.

Nimki comes to the electricity office. All people from village come there. Nimki says you can all rest here. Officer says I will call police. Nimki says I will call police. Nimki says if you don’t give them electircity they will stay here. You people are used to annoying these people. NOw they will annoy you. They take show in their office, Nimki says give us light in an hour. Nimki says start slapping him. They start slapping him. Nimki says never dare annoying these people again.

Tettar says Ritu go out with Nimki every time. Officer calls Babbu and says I have to give light to these people. He says Nimki came here with everyone. Diamond comes home and tells that Abhi has hit him. Everyone is dazed. Ritu says I will go and show him and Sweeti what I am.
Nimki says to Ramla light will come back soon. Nimki does Ram’s shave. Ramla says be careful. Tune says nimki don’t listen to anyone. Mono says i want to shave too. Tune says you are a kid. He says I am talking about papa. Mono does Ram’s share. It cuts his face a bit. Mono cries and says papa I am sorry. Tune says I asked you to be careful. Electricity comes back. Everyone thanks Nimki,

Sweeti says to abhi I am sorry on Diamond’s behalf. He says they will be really mad at you. Sweti says I don’t care. Ritu comes there and says what is going on here? She says you? He says your husband or you forgot? Diamond says I told you I wont leave you today. Ritu pulls Sweeti, her ice cream falls. Abhi says how are you behaving with her. Ritu says this is our family matter. Abhi says you can’t pull her like that. Abhi says I am her husband. Abhi says I know that but you can’t behave with her like that. Ritu says you will tell how to behave with her? She is my wife I can do whatever I want. Diamond says who are you? Abhi shoves Diamond. Sweeti says they can never be a man. They only know how to force people. Ritu slaps Sweeti. Abhi is about to hit him. Diamond takes out his gun and says go from here or I will shoot Elena. Ritu says you are having your love here? See what I do to you.
Precap-Tettar says to Nimki because of our name your electricity came back. She calls the office and asks them to cut haveli’s electricity. They do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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