Nimki Mukhiya 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki wants Bathtub to become head of village

Nimki Mukhiya 29th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to family that I will fight elections but I want to bath in bathtub first, this is small condition, I am heroine and without bathtub I wont run elections, Ram looks on.

In morning, Tunee comes to Ram. Ram says you have spoiled Nimki, Tunee says I dont think she would agree without bathtub. Ram says what to do now, foreigners things are fashion here. Abhi calls Ram and says I wont need your car today, Ram asks where can we find bathtub? Nimki wants bathtub only then she would take part in elections, Abhi laughs.

Nimki wakes up, Mauha says finally you are awake. Nimki says first I become head then I will rule everyone. Ram comes there and says you have agreed to become head? Nimki says I wont take part in elections till you bring bathtub, Ram frowns.

Nahar comes to village. Tettar comes there with his caravan. Ram and Tunee comes there. Tettar says to Nahar and villagers that I am going to file Jhumri’s name for nominations, tomorrow is last date for registration and it seems like Nahar didnt get any candidate to register. Tettar gifts saree to Nahar and says you have forgotten your class and race, wear this and maybe you can take part in elections then, Tettar laughs and leaves. Nahar is angry and says to Ram that Tettar is going to make Jhumri win, do something. Tunee says where will we find bathtub? Nahar says I am dying to find head and you are worried about bathtub? he leaves. Tunee says to Ram that lets go to Patna.

Nimki brings chana daal to Abhi’s house. Elena says mama used to make it. Abhi gets sad. Nimki says to Elena that your mother came in my dream and she asked me to make it, she also gave me list of your favorite dishes. Elena says she used to make me eat with her hands, Nimki says so I will make you eat, she feeds Elena. Abhi wipes his tears and asks where is Ram? Nimki says he has gone to buy bathtub for me. Abhi says I forgot that. Nimki says I will take bathtub in center of of village in bathtub, Abhi says what? she says I didnt mean it, Abhi says you are first one to ask bathtub to become head.

Ram and tunee comes to market. Ram finds bathtub’s picture, they go in shop. Ram sits on WC. Tunee makes him stand up, Tunee says we want to buy bathtub. Seller says its not for washing clothes, Tunee says you think we are less than others? you cant insult me. Seller says dont worry, let me show you. Nimki calls Tunee and says find best bathtub for me, she ends call. Seller shows bathtub to Ram, Ram asks how much it costs? seller says 1lac, Ram faints.

Grandma says to Mai that dont make Jhumri dance on our heads after she becomes head. Rekha says were we dead to not run for elections? Grandma says Mai would want to become head too. Mai says no, now you will see Tettar licking Jhumri’s feet. Tettar comes there and says how dare you talk like this? he points gun at Mai and says have you gone mad. Babbu takes gun from Tettar, Sweety takes her away. Ritu says we have filed nomination for Jhumri.

Jhumri is cleaning cow’s food big bath, her husband writes her name there and she smiles.

Ram and Tunee comes back outside house, they say to Abhi’s manager that Nimki wanted bathtub but we couldnt find it. Nimki comes out, she finds Ram’s car there. Ram and Tunee hides from her. Nimki asks Abhi’s manager where is Ram? he says I dont know. Nimki says they must be bringing it in tempo. Ram says I will make Nimki understand. Tunee shows him cow’s food tub and says it can work, Ram says its too small and leaves. Tunee asks manager, where we can find bigger tub than this? manager says you can find it in Tettar’s stable, he has big food tubs for cows, he leaves. Tunee says this is risky but I will do anything for Nimki, this will make me marry Nimki.

PRECAP- Tunee brings cow food bi tub to Nimki’s house and says this bahttub. Mauha says but it looks like cow’s tub. Tunee asks her to remain silent, if Nimki knows its not bathtub then she will drown me in this and kill me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. love this show very entertaining…waiting for the next episode… love nimki and abhi’s part

  2. Hahaha what a great episode. So entertaining and raising class issues in such a subtle manner. Love it.

  3. Nice and different story….

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