Nimki Mukhiya 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki Excited to Dance in Babbu’s Function

Nimki Mukhiya 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu’s guard stops father’s car, he says sir’s car has broken down. Nimki sees big car, Tettar and Babbu are inside car. Nimki says such big car broke? our car is better than it, Babbu’s guard asks father to drop the fare here, father says they are my family, he says so what? drop them here, they can take the tractor, boss is going to use this car. Family gets tensed. Mauha says why should we get down? father asks her to not argue and get down. They leave their car. Babbu’s man clears Nimki’s father’s car. He sprinkles pious water in car like it was dirty. Nimki’s family stands on road, Nimki’s father tries to greet Tettar but he dismisses him. Babbu sits in car and says to guard that bus is coming, stop it and ask conductor to not take money from this family. Father asks Nimki and siblings to go to bus. He sits in driver seat of car to drive Babbu and Tettar to their destination. Nimki goes to bus, she is about to sit inside but changes her mind. She comes infront of her car and stops Babbu and Tettar from leaving in their car. Tettar asks what happened to this girl now? Father gets tensed. Nimki comes to Babbu and glares at him. Guard says how dare you look in eyes of boss? Tettar says we told you that we are getting late, son in law says to father that your daughter is not scared? Nimki says to her father that please ask conductor to give me window seat, all are stunned. Nimki says I sit on window seat, you people are taking our car so atleast you can do this for me. Babbu asks guard to tell conductor to give her window seat, she smiles at him and goes to bus, conductor gives her window seat. Nimki waves at Babbu as her bus leaves.

At home, Mauha says we had to leave our own car. Nimki says father couldnt do anything, they are minister of here, our father is not some hero. Father comes there, Mauha asks if he is fine? Father says they didnt kidnap me, they just asked me to drop at collector’s office and I did. Mauha says you should have complained to collector about their injustice. Father says it was their servants’ mistake, Nimki says yes it was their servants’ fault. Father says Tettar gave me more fare. Mauha says dont forget that they threw your kids out of your car. Mauha says to Nimki that you will not perform in Tettar’s function tomorrow, all look on.

Tettar says to family that I talked to Sunil, he is going to give ticket to me for MLA of Gursavapur. All get happy. Mai says Babbu will become head of village and you will become minister, everything is set. Tettar says everything was possible because of our son in law Rituraj, he did such nice performance infront of Sunil.

Guard says to Babbu that you are going to win elections, you will see tomorrow, everyone will be chanting for you. Babbu says yes Tettar father will know that I am no less than him.

Mauha asks Nimki asks if she sad that she is not going to perform in tomorrow’s function? Mauha says are you feeling bad for Tettar? Nimki says you shouldnt have talked to our father like that, you should control your anger, Mauha nods. They both lie to sleep. Mauha says you can perform tomorrow in Tettar’s function. Nimki smiles.

Scene 2
In morning, whole village is excited about Tettar’s program. Nimki asks Tunee why he didnt bring her clothes from tailor? I have to wear them in function, he says dont worry I will bring it. Announcer is announcing about performances, Nimki asks why didnt you announce my performance? he announces that Ram’s daughter Nimki Kumar will dance. All clap for her.

Babbu gets script from officer, Babbu says its too difficult I dont understand a thing. Tettar asks him to get lost, officer leaves. Another teacher comes there, he reads speech he wrote. Babbu throws shoe at him. Diamond says this teacher cant even write a speech and fails me. Teacher leaves. Ritu says its not about words, its about style in which you say, people should clap on each word. Babbu says dont worry, everyone will be whistling and clapping for every word.

People are discussing about programming. One man says Tettar is doing good by preaching equality of races. One politician Nahar comes there and says what right is that? All greet him. He gets tea. He says 15 years, I have been telling you people that Tettar is cheating everyone. Tunee says you couldnt become head of village so you are saying all this? Nahar says you live in Delhi, you dont know Tettar, this function is his trap, he never came to you people but now election is near so he is doing function? Tunee says you are right, Babbu’s posters have come too. Nimki asks Tunee to go and bring clothes, he leaves. Nahar sees Babbu’s posters and says whats the matter?

Mai says to Tettar that Sweety (Babbu’s sister and Ritu’s wife) is saying she is going to panchayat? Ritu says you are all coming. Mai says are you mad? women dont go to functions. Tettar says you have to go, you are head’s wife and soon to be head’s mother. Sweety says there will be people of lower race there, you never allowed us to mingle with us. Babbu says whats the need to take women there. Ritu says then villagers will know that whole family is taking care of village, women will form women connection. Mai says we will not mingle with lower class. Ritu says we have done your seating arrangements separately and there are barricades too, try to understand that other party have more vote bank than us, you can do this much for Babbu? Mai says ok only formy Babbu, nobody should come near us in function, she leaves. Ritu says I have readied Babbu’s speech, its Babbu’s bright chance, Babbu smiles.

Nimki is trying different dupattas. Nimki says it looks good.. no it doesnt. Mauha says you wont like which I like. Nimki says its not like that.Mono says get ready fast. Mauha says to Nimki that you should wear something light so it will be easy to dance. Nimki says dance is just an excuse, my purpose is to impress nice guys, there is one guy, he was in backdrop of SRK’s movie, he is junior artist. Mono says thats why he runs old motorcycle here? Mauha says you are getting ready for him? Nimki says there are many other guys too. Father comes there and asks them to get ready fast, function is about to start.

Grandma is getting ready. Mai says daughter in law Gajwa has gone to bring your jewelry. Gajwa brings it, she ogles at grandma’s jewelry. Mai says she praise her parents but keep eye on our house’s jewelry. Tettar and Babbu comes there dressed for function. Tettar asks why Amma(grandma) is getting ready? Mai says she will go with us too, Tettar says no not at all, I am going to step in that village for the seat, grandma never passed from that village, I will not get her impure, Mai says then why we are going? Tettar says we have to go, all leave. Tettar offers lollipop to grandma and says dont worry, we will return soon, we have to do all this for our Babbu. Grandma says beware, nobody should touch our Babbu, Tettar says I wont let it happen.

PRECAP- Nimki gets ready for dance, Nimki says to Mauha that today I will dance so nicely that some guy is going to get mesmerized, father will get his son in law today.
PRECAP- Babbu’s function start. Announcer welcomes Nimki on stage. Nimki starts dancing seductively and full of energy. She dances infront of Babbu, Babbu looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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