Nimki Mukhiya 27th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweety says yes to Abhi

Nimki Mukhiya 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweety asks Abhi why did he agree for this marriage? do you love me? Abhi says if its about truth then no, I didnt fall in love you, it doesnt mean I am helping you, I am helping myself. Sweety says what do you mean? if you dont love me then why you want to marry? you feel pity for me? Abhi says no, you might think I am great but I am thinking about myself, actually I want to do this marriage for my daughter Elena, she likes you a lot, she sees her mother in you, I wanted to be her mother and father but from the time she has met you, she is attached. I am doing this for my daughter’s happiness but it doesnt mean I will not respect you which you deserve. Sweety says woman only wants respect? Abhi says no love too, we are in age where we have hesitation, they say you start loving

with time, there is no forcing, you can say no too. Sweety looks on. Abhi says I dont want you to come out of hate and get caged in another emotions, I thought you were happy thats why I said yes but if you say no even then I would remain your friend. He turns to leave but Sweety says I waited for life to hear truth, you told me truth that you dont love me. Abhi says please dont feel bad. Sweety says you said truth and its good for me, they say you fall in love with time, I agree with this proposal, I promise to never let Elena miss her mother, if I disbalance then please handle.

Dublo says to Nahar that I have come to get Sweety treated. Nahar says she got ill after leaving her husband? Diamond asks him to stop it. Dublo says she went to doctor. Nahar says doctor is not in room. Nurse says doctor is coming. Dublo and Diamond enters room but finds Sweety alone. Diamond says you are sitting here? Sweety says yes Nahar was outside so I came in.

Nimki and Tunee comes to priest and sits in his feet. Priest asks what is it? Tunee says this is head Nimki, Nimki says priest is looking so nice today. Priest asks what work you have? Tunee says you have to get a couple married. Priest says I have to go to Tettar’s palace for some wedding. Tunee says thats why we are here, Nimki is Tettar’s daughter in law, Tettar didnt want you to come alone thats why he sent us to bring you in car. Priest says but his palace is near. Tunee says you are a great priest, he sent his car to bring you. Priest says Tettar is so great.. then Diamond is so egoistic, he threatened me to come to palace. Nimki says lets come with us in car. Priest goes to bring his bag.

Tettar asks Rekha where is Ritu? Ritu comes there and says Sweety didnt return till now. Mai says she is coming. Rekha says you are not marrying for first time. Tettar says Sweety is here. Dublo and Diamond brings Sweety home. Dublo says her BP is low, she is fine. Ritu says to Sweety that if you are feeling low then we can postpone wedding, your health is more important for me. Tettar says its just BP, she can drink juice, he asks servant to bring it. Tettar says to Sweety that go get ready, we are not your enemies, we want your good. Mai says we will be happy with your happiness. Sweety recalls Abhi’s words that there is no pressure and he would remain her friend irrespective of her answer then Nimki’s words that he is very nice. Sweety nods. Tettar says great. Mai takes Sweety from there. Tettar says to Ritu that woman needs a man not doctor, its important time for you.

Aunt is selecting kurtas for Abhi but Elena doesnt like any, she asks Abhi to choose. Abhi says just get ready. Elena says if you are not happy then.. Abhi smiles at her. Elena shows him sherwani, he nods.

Mai dresses up Sweety. Rekha does her makeup. Mai asks what did doctor say? Rekha says she stayed away from Ritu and must be sad. Mai says to Sweety that I am your mother, I want your happiness only, I know what Ritu did was wrong but woman’s life without husband is useless.

Scene 2
Abhi gets ready as groom and recalls Nimki’s words that she doesnt love him. Elena comes there and says get ready. Abhi asks where is aunt? Aunt says I cant go, I have to decorate home, its your marriage, I have to prepare for bride’s welcome. Aunt says I have called Mauha too for rituals, your manager is coming too with things. Abhi starts leaving with Elena. Aunt sends Elena away and says to Abhi that you are marrying Sweety, you will promise her life but for that you have to forget Nimki, that way you will have a relation with Sweety otherwise this is all useless, relations are made to be held with true heart. Abhi nods.

Nimki and Tunee comes to palace. Nimki hides and looks around. In car, priest asks Tunee why are we not going inside? Tunee says marriage will happen in mandir. Priest says okay I will sleep.
Nimki comes to balcony and asks Sweety to jump, Sweety says what about family? Nimki says they will forget soon, what if you have to marry Ritu? dont think, come.
Priest shows Ritu calling, Tunee says tell him that you have come. He takes call and says I am near your place, I am just coming. Ritu asks him to come fast.

In palace, Mai asks servant to make food. She asks Ritu where is priest? Ritu says he is coming.
Tunee says to priest that tell him that you are coming in 5 minutes, he takes his phone and asks him to sleep. Priest goes to sleep. Jhariya comes there. Tunee hides his face. Driver says to Jhariya that we are going to Patna. Tunee says our passenger has gone to pee, we are waiting.

Dublo asks Babbu to talk to Sweety, she is feeling down, talk to her.
Nimki says to Sweety that dont miss this change, jump from window, if you dont do it then you would never forget that car was waiting for you to take to Abhi but you married Ritu as you were scared of family, come with me.

PRECAP- Ritu comes to Sweety’s room and screams that Sweety have runaway. Tettar says she is playing with our respect, shoot her in heart, I want to see her dead. Babbu takes car and loads his gun.
In mandir, Abhi and Sweety gets married. Nimki asks Elena if she is happy? She nods.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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