Nimki Mukhiya 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bindya breaks her fast

Nimki Mukhiya 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu comes in room. He says why are you shocked. We have lived like this for years. Sweeti says I wont forget those years. Ritu laughs and says even babbu wont help you. Nimki brings apples for Sweeti and a knife. She says this is for ritu, stab him. Better not take risks Ritu. She leaves. Sweeti takes the knife and smirks.

Anaro says Bidya will put the idol here. Rekha gives it to her. She says Babbu ji your life is in my hands and mine in yours. Rekha says lets do pooja. Diamond says ritu you sit you are fasting. They laugh. Annaro says sweeti why you have tea? She says I am going to my room. Tettar says your husband is fasting for you. Ritu says its okay. Babbu says see.. Sweeti says if you could see I wont be seeing this day. Closing eyes doesn’t change things. I

will have this tea you can shoot me if you want. Nimki comes and says pooja preps are done. I am fasting so I will go to my dad’s place. Annaro says you are not Babbu’s wife. Break your fast. Why are you fasting. No ghat tola girl can fast for my son. Nimki says I kept this fast for my dad. I will go and eat there. Annaro says that oldie would be on bed. Nimki says don’t dare saying a word against my dad. Tettar says what will you do? Babbu says what can you do. Nimki says dont’ talk to me like that. Ritu will tell you a story about knife and apple. Ritu says I think we should start pooja. Nimki sats jhariya will drop me.

Nimki comes home and does arti. Tune makes Ram eat. Nimki says tune you are hiding something from me. Tune says what? She says I am talking about between you and papa. Mauha told me you try to make him walk. Ismail says he felt yesterday. Tune says he wanted to walk. He will be fine soon. Ismail says we saw babbu with a city girl. Nimki beware.

Dablo eats sweets. Rekha says I am fasting. He says you should sleep so I can eat outside. He leaves it on the table. Bindua sees it and eats it. Anaro and dabloe see her. Annaro shouts and says what did you do. You will kill babbu. She broke her fast. Rekha says that’s no good. Ritu says she isn’t his wife yet. Annaro says my mausi broke fast and my mausa died. Bindya says I will fast after marriage. Sorry. Annaro says accident first and now this.. She isn’t good for Babbu. Annaro says babbu dont’ go from the house until we have a solution. She makes him sit. Annaro says what should I do. DAblo says nimki also fasted for babbu. If she keeps it babbu would be safe.

Nimki says I am so hungry. Ram says eat. Nimki says babbu will die. ram says they don’t care about you. Nimki looks at ram.
Precap-Annaro says to Nimki are you fasting? She says yes. but talk to my papa or I will break this fast.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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