Nimki Mukhiya 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti says she wont fast for Ritu

Nimki Mukhiya 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tune says mauha why ar eyou crying? She says why did you take papa out? Tune says he asked. Mauha says dont’ come here. He says how is it my mistake. She says when you are with papa he looks like he wants to get better. Tune says he will be fine. okay i wont come if you dont want. Mauha says go from here I dont need anyone. She says if I say you will leave? She hugs him and cries. Ram sees them.

Rekha says dablo has already gotten me a gift. Dablo says Babbu will gift too. Nimki says why don’t husbands fast. Diamond says stay quite. Annaro gives Rekha shagun. She picks other shagun and says for my younger daughter in law. Nimki comes forward to take it. Annaro gives it to Bindya. Sweeti says you are going against Parvati. Annaro says she has nothing that we should

own her. Nimki says I dont want either. He can’t be shiv. Sweeti says she is Babbu’s wife. Nimki says what if babbu dies if I don’t fast. Annaro says Bindya will fast for him. Rekha says of course she would. She says to Nimki you don’t have to fast. Sweeti ama.. Ritu says my brother and bhabhi send this shagun for you sweeti. She says I don’t need it.

Sweeti says i am not fasting for you. Everyone is dazed. Tettar says he is your husband. Annaro says you will her Parvati blessings. Sweeti says if husband isn’t Ram I can’t be parvati. Doesn’t woman want anything? Look at nimki what does she have? Why doesn’t anyone fast for her? if Ritu is so worried for me he has to fast for me. Ritu says okay I will fast for you. Ritu says husband should do for wife too. I will fast. Sweeti leaves. Babu says stop. He says enough go to your room. Sweeti says that’s where I am going. Babbu says your room is with Ritu. She says i dont’ want to love with him. Babu says I will shoot Nimki. Nimki says let him shoot me do what your heart says. Babu says you know I can shoot. Sweeti goes to Ritu’s room.

Mauha says to Ramla I am glad you are sleeping here. Ramla says i had been fasting for a man who was never mine. Whho are you fasting? Mauha says I wanted to. Ramla says this is all stupid. No one is ours except parents. Mauha gos to drink water. Ramla says your fast.. She says I am thirsty. Mauha thinks about Tune but doesn’t drink. Ramla says you broke it? She says no. Ramla says who are you fasting for?

Annaro says you did right Babu. She only gets this language. Tettar says What if he shot. Babu says I can’t sit like this. Annaro says he sent Sweeti her husband.

Precap-Bindya breaks her fast for Babuu. Anaaro says my son will die now. Dablo says nimki is also fasting for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hatt off to the maker of Nimki Mukya, This is the type of serial India need to produce not fake things like Yeh Ristha Kya Hen or Nagin, All the artists of Nimki are superb, BRAVO

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