Nimki Mukhiya 25th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki plans to take revenge on Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 25th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu comes in Sweety’s room with food. She is sleeping. Ritu sprinkles water on her. She wakes up. Ritu says you look pretty when you wake up, I brought food for you as your husband, I talked nicely right? tomorrow newspaper will talk about Nimki defaming us. Sweety coughs. Ritu offers her water, she says I rather die. Ritu says your parents were ready to kill you but I saved you, I am your savior. Sweety says you can never be that. Ritu says eat something, I love you a lot. She looks away. He says eat otherwise how will I play with you body? Sweety spits on him. Ritu laughs and says it will be fun to play with you.

Nimki is sleeping and recalls Tunee’s words of betrayal and court freeing Babbu. She wakes up and looks in mirror, she says dont be angry, control your anger

and this is my power, my head will remain held high.

Nimki comes in lounge, Mauha asks her to rest. Nimki says I am fine. Nimki asks Mono to not cry, fight didnt end. Abhi says yes, we are ready to appeal in high court. Lawyer says dont worry, we will fight in Patna’s court, my colleague wont charge you, just sign for petition. Nimki looks on. Dumri comes there and says people are bad mouthing about Nimki. Abhi says I will stop them. Nimki says no need, they have money and power, we lost in court because of power, we couldnt protect our own people and they won because of it, now I will play with their terms, I wont appeal in high court, I will answer Babbu in his language, court will be mine and I will answer him. Lawyer says try this time you wont lose. Nimki says no, I was running away from Tettar but now he will have to save his family from me. She asks lawyer to leave, she doesnt need him, he leaves. Mauha asks what she is upto? you have a family. Nimki says I lose because of that, Babbu has family too. She asks Abhi to let her fight like she wants.

Scene 2
Tettar says to Ritu that you played nicely. Mai says Babbu made everyone silent. Tettar says Babbu will be shown on TV. Rekha says Mai still remembers Nimki’s slap. Mai says I will love it when Nimki will salute to Babbu. Diamond says we can do it tomorrow only. Mai says Tettar forgot all this, I need respect back, I need people bow down to us like before. TettaAr says I am alive, lets have a rally tomorrow. Dublo comes there and asks waht they are upto? Ritu says we will have a rally infront of Nimki’s house. Dublo asks Mai to leave it, Nimki must be broken, end this. Mai says someone should be punished, now lets do sit ups. Dublo is stunned. Tettar says do it. Rekha says forgive him, Mai says he has to do it. Ritu says I will bring Sweety. Rekha pleads Mai to stop it. Ritu brings Sweety. Dublo holds his ears and starts sit ups.

PRECAP- Villager says to Nimki that all are shaming us. Nimki says Tettar want to break us, I will answer him back, are you all with me? All villagers chant in her favor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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