Nimki Mukhiya 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki calls Tettar

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Nimki Mukhiya 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki calls Tettar. He laughs and says she has called. Ritu says she must be crying. Tettar says hear her cry Babbu. Tettar says mukhiya jee.. She says I got your letter. Tettar says did you like it? She says yeah I read it completely. It was amazing. Was so much fun to read. i don’t understand how could you insult your own son? You said I was with Tune. People will think being Babbu’s wife, why was I with Tune? That means Babu was incomplete or something. tettar is dazed. Annaro says what are you saying. Babbu wont even touch a girl like you. Diamond says you are calling my brother incomplete. Everyone is angry. Sweeti smiles. Ritu says we will insult you in the panchayat. Don’t play smart. You are a woman. She says I am a beautiful girl. Also if a girl goes to another

man, her man is incomplete. You have added less masala in it. Tune used to come to haveli. Annaro says what? She says yes mother in law. I have played a big game with you. Tune used to come from window write that too. And Babbu.. my friend Tune used to get me ice cream at night. Tune says stop all this Nimki. She says let me speak. Nimki says once you came to my room, Tune was under the bed. Reka says what.. Nimki says yes I had a huge affair. People will laugh you couldn’t even find out. People will say babbu might not even be a man. Come to panchayat. We will discuss there. I would want annaro there as well. Annaro breaks things in anger. Nimki says should i video call? Who is breaking things. Tune is doing my shoulder massage. Come on Tune. Babu hangs up. He says are you happy now? Annaor falls and faints.

Ramla says why were you saying all that. Mauha says she said all things right. This is how you respond to people like that. Nimki says what a dialogue. Ram hugs Nimki. Everyone is in tears.

Babbu shouts and says she was questioning my manliness? I will show her how man I am. Ritu says stop.. Babu says leave my hand. Ritu says okay go do what you want. shoot her then you will be in jail forever. Annaro says sweeti your husband isn’t a man. Ritu says you like insulting me? Don’t you have your own brains? Dablo says you are calling dad brainless? Ritu says I am sick of giving you solutions. I will go from here now. Tettar says babbu you have to calm down. Babu says your politics has killed our repo. Tetar says don’t shout. If anyone comes in my politics, they will die even if you it’s you. Babbu shoves him in anger. Everyone calms them down. Ritu says this is what she wanted. she wants us to fight amongst ourselves. She has support from public. We have to take that from her. We can do that only when she doesn’t have respect.

Scene 2
Abhi says nimki you did right. Just do your work, people will support you. Nimki says I can answer them. Tune says we have make roads for our people. Nimki says you only keep talking about small things. we have to do big things. Mausi says what are big things? She says I wanna get beauty parlors everywhere. They should get cosmetics from people. Abhi says we will meet collector to get funds from them tomorrow. Nimki says collector will agree to all plans I take. Abhi says this isn’t a joke. You have to make proposals to get funds approved. Nimki says in one day? This is my first time Moraylal will you help me? He says no. Neither I will help nor moraylal. You have to do it on your own.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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