Nimki Mukhiya 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki comes back

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Nimki Mukhiya 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nehar says I will kill you today. Nimki says what are you saying. Mahatu calls Kundan. He says yes.. we will do as you say. He says Mahatu has asked us to bring Nimki to party convention.
Elena tells Mausi that nimki was hidden in their house. Abhi says why didn’t you tell me? She says because you would have given her to police. Abhi says this is not a joke. Where has she gone? She says Nimki went to her home. He sayss there is something wrong.
Mahatu plays the voice recording. Babbu and Tettar are there too. Nimki says what will you do now? Ritu says they played this whole game. Nimki says they should go to jail. Mahatu says this is a bit complicated. Babbu says lets call police. Mahatu says if we involve police it will defame the whole party. Nimki says their game could kill so many people. Mahatu says if party is defamed Tettar wont be able to contest in elections. Nimki says but they did a sin. Ritu says this is politics we can’t be emotional. Let me explain. Why you became Mukhiy? To serve people right? She says yes. He says Tettar wants to serve people as well.
Ritu says we will show everyone that who is the real culprit and nimki will get him jailed. Nimki says Nehar and Kundan are the real culprits what kind of justice is this?

You will become MNA what will happen to our people? If we are doing this then there should be some benefit from these people. They should pay a fine. He will get a commodes made for people. Babbu says what.. In every village there should be one. Kundan says can’t we do anything else. Nimki says you have to do this. Mahatu says she is right. There should be 100 of them. He says Kundan you have to promise you wont come in tettar’s way and help him.

Scene 2
Next morning, they all come to village. Mahatu says we got to know who are the real culprits. He shows two men and says they placed wrong medicines in the hospital. Nimki helped us in catching them. people say hit them. Ritu says police is here we don’t need to take law in our hand. All people chant for people. Tettar says we are servant of our people. Nimki says I got them caught. Its a long story. She hugs Mauha and Ram. Tettar says it happened that.. Nimki says I will tell them the story don’t worry. You all thought I ran from police. Some people thought Tettar hid me. I ran with my will to catch the real perpetrators. Everyday I saw Ratan in pharmacy. Ritu says ask her to be quite so people can hear Tettar. Nimki says they came again to place fake medicines so I caught them. My father in law in real servant of people and we should support him. People chant for Nimki.

Precap-Abhi says it all settled so easily? How? ritu says she still has the recording if it gets to BDO all the effort will go in vain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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