Nimki Mukhiya 24th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu changes his decision

Nimki Mukhiya 24th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki comes to porch and says no one is here, dont know what Diamond told Babbu, I thought Babbu had done nice decision but Diamond distracted him, Tunee is right, I should go to all decisions of head. Where is Babbu? she checks in Babbu’s room but he is not there. She tries to jump in his from window. Sweety sees her trying to jump, she sees Mai coming there and thinks that she will get scolded again. She stops Mai and says go take rest, I will take clothes to laundry. Nimki sees Mai and hides. Sweety doesnt let Mai see Nimki and asks her to go to Grandma, she is calling you, Mai leaves. Sweety comes to Nimki and asks what are you doing here? Nimki says thank you for saving me from hitler, Sweety says she is my mom, I dont know why I saved you but stay away from Babbu. Nimki says

Ritu stays away from you, do you like it? Sweety gets tensed and says he stays with me in my parents house. Nimki says my Bua says that husband that lives in his inlaws house is not close to his wife. Sweety asks her to not cross line. Nimki says Babbu took wrong decision, she tells her everything, Sweety says keep me away.

Babbu is resting in his car. Dayya says take some rest, you have been in stress. Nimki calls him but Babbu cuts it. Nimki says he thinks I cant redial? she calls again. Babbu is angry, he cuts call again and says I will throw my phone if she calls again. Dayya sits infront of phone. Babbu you thinks its joke.. Dayya says I am just saving phone, I am telling you to send Nimki to her village. Babbu says you think I am her driver? Dayya says I am just saying you are stuck in Nimki’s matter, get rid of her, send her to her parent’s house, her father is her driver so ask him to take her and when she leaves then change your number, then she wont be able to disturb you, Babbu slaps him and says why did you take time for this great idea?

Nahar comes to Ram with villagers and says your son in law did injustice and even Nimki is not coming. Guy says they destroyed my bike and not even coming now. Mauha says dont talk to my father like that, Tunee why you are silent? Tunee says Nahar is right. Nahar says police is not even filing case, I will take case to CM. Tunee says I can give life for Nimki but this is injustice to village so we will take action against Babbu. Babbu arrives there, all look on. Dayya says Nahar is here to provoke them, just tell Ram to take Nimki back. Babbu comes to Ram. Tunee says tell Babbu to behave otherwise I will lose my patience. Nahar says he did injustice with us. Ritu comes there and pulls Babbu away, Babbu says I dont want to talk, Ritu asks him to calm down and tells him to not create a scene. Ritu hugs Ram. Ram says to Babbu that what happened was not right. Nahar says he is cruel and Nimki is with him. Ram says stop it. Ritu says let him do it, Tunee says what Babbu did was not right. Ritu says yes we have come to solve it. Babbu says to biker guy that it was your bike right? are you doing to do rally for it? Tunee says what about damage. Babbu charges at him and says who are you? I am giving respect but why he does he keep coming inbetween, I got to know that it was Diamond’s friend’s mistake so this biker will get new bike from him, this matter is finished now. Ram proudly smiles at him, all start cheering for Babbu. Ram hugs Babbbu tightly. Babbu gives fake smile.

Scene 2
Tunee calls Nimki and tells her about Babbu’s decision. Nimki gets happy and says see you were bashing my Babbu but I knew he thought of this case in depth, my Babbu is so nice. Tunee says why you keep calling him as your Babbu? is he really your Babbu? Nimki ignores it and says let me to talk to Babbu. Tunee ends call.

Sweety slaps Diamond and says he has become too brat, she tells Mai that Diamond’s friend attacked that guy and started all this mess. Nimki comes there and says this Diamond will destroy our name. Mai asks her to leave. Nimki says you know our Babbu changed his decision and did justice now. Mai is shocked.

PRECAP- Babbu says to Tettar that to hell with your politics, I wont be part of it from now on. Tettar says you dont want to be head then? Babbu to hell with head position and Nimki.
Sweety checks divorce papers and tells about it to Babbu and Mai who are stunned. Tettar and Ritu smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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