Nimki Mukhiya 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu beats Ritu

Nimki Mukhiya 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says Sweeti.. Tell him. Babbu says I know you very well. You will rape my sister? How dare you. Babbu slaps him. Ritu says you are crossing limit. If tettar finds out.. Babbu brings him downstairs and beats him. He says I will beat you in front of everyone. tettar says what happened? Rakshit says he was trying to rape didi. Tettar says he is her husband. Annaro says calm down. rakshit says in her own house this is man is forcing her and you want me to calm down? Tettar says they are wife and husband. A wife has to do what the husband asks. He is the man. Why did you go to their room. Tettar says take her to room Ritu. Ritu says let’s go Sweeti. Babu says don’t dare to touch her. Tettar says enough. Babbu says no this man won’t live in this house. ASk him to leave. Tettar says you don’t order what happens in this house. Tettar says Ritu go to room. Babbu shoves Tettar. Annaro says what are you doing.

Sweeti says leave him Babbu. Your father is right. This man is my husband. He has right on me. Babbu says he is trying to rape you. Sweeti says what did you do to Nimki? Did she want you to touch her? But you did. But the court forgave you because you were her husband. You, people, think it’s the right of the husband. I am going through the same every day. Did you wake up today? I got raped every day since I got married. Ritu says there is no rape in marriage. Tettar says take her to room Ritu. Ritu says let’s go. Sweeti goes to her room. Babbu stands there in shock recalling what Sweeti said.

Scene 2
Mono says is Nimki okay? Nimki comes and says I want to talk about something important. I was wondering what’s in my stomach. Ramla says it’s a girl. Mauha says I think it’s a guy. Mauha says what are you talking about? Nimki says have you thought about the name? Tune says let the birth happen. Nimki says no I want to call the baby from name from today. Mono says Babbu. Tune says Gundu. Nimki says think of good names. Mauha says Munni. Nimki says you can’t do it. villagers will decide the name. I will announce whoever names, Annaro will surprise them. I will make Tettar’s life hell.

Annaro comes to Babu and says drink it. He says I don’t want it. Annaro says why are you making fuss of nothing. Babbu says it’s not anything. SHe is raped in her own house. He recalls what Sweeti said. Babu says why didn’t you take care of her like us? She is your daughter. Did you ask her how is she? Do you even know what Ritu does to her. Annaro says even if he rapes her, it’s not new. It happens between every wife and husband. Babbu says you are a woman and you are saying this. That is a disgusting man and he is forcing her. Annaro says they are married. that’s how kids are born. The husband decides not a wife. husband do what they don’t. Your father did the same. When I didn’t want it.. He would force me. You are part of the same blood. You were born out of same rape if that’s what you call it. Babu sits down in shock. He recalls what Nimki said. He recalls Ritu forcing Sweeti. He recalls what Tettar and Annaro said.

Precap-Babbu comes to ghat tola. He says Nimki I want to talk to you. Ramla says go from here. Mauha says she wont talk to you. Babu says this is my child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. When is this sheeety garbage going to end? No ad pays for it so it’s free sheeet!

  2. Good job Sweetie???????, i loved the way you asked ” tumne bhi to nimki ka balatkar hi to kiya hai”, it was a tight slap on his face for his wrongdoings, i hate his devil father and mother, both should not be called parents, bad parenting and role models. I did like the fact that Babbu is starting to have a change of heart, but i wish nimki forgives him and not accept him becoz he doesn’t deserve her, and hhe should repent all his life for all his misdeeds. Abhimanyu babbu has been waiting for Nimki for so long, don’t leave nimbhi love story incomplete makers?????. Don’t allow one more reverse sacrifice from Nimki for Sweetie, please bring someone else for her. One thing i like about this show is that they are bringing out all the cruel realistic faces of this society especially female abuse, rape, forced sex, patriarchy and i love the way the creator has made the protagonist Nimki, a cheerful, bubbly girl who deals all her difficult situations and fights the evils with her positive mentality and funny ideas???? really we all can learn a lot from this character. According this show and “Kahaan hum Kahaan tum are the best shows of Star Tv. Although many viewers hate because of they can’t watch the negative realitiesof our country. But i would should become positive and satirical like Nimki.

  3. Not Agreed. Nimki is as guilty as Babbu. Nimki married Babbu for selfish reason, or may be she loved him. But Babbu never loved her. Accordingly, Babbu did not accept her as his wife; however, he was too willing to divorce her, which did not happen for many reasons. Therefore, Babbu cannot be blamed. It is noteworthy that despite all this, Babbu never ill treated Nimki until she made Sweetie elope with the BDO which, despite all justifications, affected the honour and pride of Babbu (although the aim of Nimki’s action might be noble, its method was highly despicable). It was then that Babbu reacted violently. Thereafter, Nimki became vindictive, irrational, revengeful, extra-marital, and destructive, to which Babbu only kept on reacting. I can recall that Nimki has raped Babbu in public more than thrice which cannot be justified. Lastly, Babbu, the husband who never touched his wife Nimki earlier, raped his wife Nimki. All this happened because hate begets hate and love begets love. I am not defending Babbu. Hang him ten times, but Nimki too must be punished equitably, she cannot be allowed to go scot-free. Also, she must repent, as is Babbu doing. As far as who now marries whom, I care too hoots.

    1. You are defending Babbu because you are a man and looking from the perspective of a man, leave about the marriage, think about all the emotional stress Nimki went through when she was raped, and you justify Babbu’s actions as hatred towards Nimki?????? Now, what will you about what that Tettar Singh’s family including Babbu who had always been torturing the citizens of that village in the name of power they, leave the citizens, wat abt their own daughter, sweetie????? their son Dablu????and till now that Babbu had been just supporting and doing the evil with them. And let me tell you something, Nimki did not marry Babbu for selfish reasons, i would say that she was infatuated towards his beauty, she always used to call him “hero”, but that is the sad realty which most women face b4 marriage, while they understand the true colours of their husband only after marriage. I think Nimki had been brave enough that she broke her abusive relationship (it was abusive because the whole of Babbu’s family had illtreated her, if Babbu did not touch it was only because of his godamn mother’s condition), and most of all, can’t you see the way Nimki is fighting for herself even after facing so much of trauma, that is what every woman should learn from her. Everyday, we listen to some incidents where women are abused, once these women go through traumatic situations they are never able to come of it. I would say that Nimki is the best example for all such women. She doesn’t need to repent, because injustice had been done to her, and she just illtreated Babbu as a retaliation of what she went through.

    2. Do you mean men have no emotions or honour, and if at all they have, women have the right to scar them because men have been doing the same to women since ages? Any marriage can go wrong, as is the case of the disastrous marriage of Nimki and Babbu. The solution is, as soon as you realize it, either patch up cordially or divorce gracefully, but NEVER (repeat NEVER) become revengeful and make each other’s life hell, because if we do this, there would be no co-existence. Co-existence of men and women is a must for our survival. I reiterate that I don’t defend Babbu, and as far as defending his family, Tetar et al is concerned, I shudder to do that, but I also shudder to defend Nimki, and more importantly, the BDO Sahib, whom I consider the catalyst who adds fuel to fire. If Nimki has suffered immensely, so has Babbu. Therefore, I recommend that whether they patch-up or divorce, they must apologize to each other, repent for their actions, assuage each other’s wounds that they have co-laterally inflicted, and thereafter move-on in life the way they want to. Please do not consider this as a case of men-versus-women. Please think it over. You have the right to disagree, and I respect the same.

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