Nimki Mukhiya 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Tettar tries to kill Dablo

Nimki Mukhiya 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dablo comes home. Babbu says have you found your new family? Dablo says at least I am not sinner like you. Ritu says you are a traitor to your family. Dablo says I am a human. Dablo says Diamond I am sad you have time not to be like them but you are standing with him. Dablo says for truth I can find anyone. Right Sweeti? Sweeti is silent. Ritu says answer him. DAblo says I am speaking to my friend. Diamond trie to stop Dablo. Dablo slaps him. Babbu hits him. Annaro says go from here everyone. Annaro says Dablo don’t you love your family anymore? He says my father taught me that. Annaro says what about your mom? Annaro says I didn’t sleep at nights when you were not well. Dablo recalls his childhood.. They are both in tears. Ananro says I used to sit with you all night. For that love, plaese don’t give statement against Babbu. Swear on me. Sweeti says what are you saying. Annaro says this is between us.

Dablo takes his hand back. He says Babu diamond come back. Your mom has become an actor. Dablo says I remember your love. But you always taught us wrong things. You used to tell Babbu he can hit people because he is Tettar’s son. You and Tettar are responsible for this animal he has become. Annaro says Dablo.. DAblo says I wont let him go to jail. But you will have to kill Babbu when he comes home.. Babbu says what is he saying. Dablo says this is between us.

Tettar shoots at Dablo and says enough. We are done with your drama. Everyone tries to stop Tettar. Ritu says please stop. HE tries to shoot Dablo. Dablo runs. Tettar gets him. Dablo runs.

Scene 2
Nimki practices in the house. She says Mauha you are the judge. Nimki says whose phone is ringing? I am the judge. Mauhaa says that’s your phone. Tune says check it first. Nimki says ignore it.
Mono asks Tune, Dablo what do you know? He says I know how babbu used to mistreat her when she was in our house. Mauha says stop all this. Tune says leave it Nimki please. Everyone is in tears. Nimki’s phone rings. Mono says this is Dablo. Nimki calls him back but he doesn’t pick. Tune says is he scared? His phone is off now.

Ritu’s hand is injured. sweeti says why did you come in between? Annaro says if anything happens to BAbbu I will kill you. Sweeti says I think your time has come. Babbu and Tettar come home. Annaro says what happened?

Precap-Nimki waits for Dablo.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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