Nimki Mukhiya 23rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi discharged

Nimki Mukhiya 23rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says you eat first then Elena will eat it. Elena says nanu eat please. Annaro takes a little of it. she can’t swallow it. Elena makes her eat more. Nimki says more. Everyone sees Annaro’s condition. Sweeti says why are you making face like that? She screams water.. Babbu says what happened? Nimki says she has gotten emotional. Sweeti says amma you have finish the whole bowl. Everyone says yes you have to make. Annaor says I can’t eat it more. I am full. She says all of you should come one by one and make her eat it. annaro says no. Ritu says why are you saying no. Nimki says father in law you make her eat it. Tettar makes her eat it. Dablo takes photo. Sweeti makes her eat. Everyone comes one by one. Dablo says we should get to eat it too. Parbatiya brings kheer

for everyone. They all enjoy it. Annaro is dazed. Nimki says when you mess with me you get broken. They all laugh. Annaor leaves.

Annaro is not feeling well at night. Dablo says what happened? Annaro coughs. She says I don’t need doctor. Rekha says my grandmom died coughing. Sweeti says shut up. Annaro says I am fine leave me alone. Tettar says diamond is bringing doctor. She says I don’t need one. I am fine.
Annaro drinks a lot of water. Rekha says was there something in kheer? Annaro says go from here or I will kill you. Rekha goes in.

Sweeti comes to kitchen and taste the bowl from which annaro ate. she says its so spicy. Parbatiya you mixed spices in the kheer? She recalls annaro trying to stop Elena from making her eat. she comes and is about to throw the kheer on the floor. Sweeti says you didn’t have to stoop so low ama. Annaro says I made a mistake.

Scene 2
Next morning, Nimki says to Ram on call bring me cream and lipstick. Nimki says elena your papa is discharged they will be here. Get ready and do breakfast. Dablo comes. Nimki says my papa will be discharged. he says wow that’s so great. Ram will be free as well. Elena goes to get ready. Nimki says what happened? He says you remember what I asked for. Nimki says I will talk to papa. He doesn’t say no to me. Dablo says I will take you to Abhi’s house. She says yeah babbu won’t go. She says don’t worry.

Annaro’s stomach hurts. Rekha says I made this drink for you. I can’t see you like this. You used to shout in the whole house and what nimki did. Annaaro says she can’t do anything. Rekha says she is ruling this house. Rekha says that BDO is coming back. Elena will leave today. Annaro says I will show nimki what her worth is. Annaro says she thought she was the queen on this house. She doesn’t deserve anything.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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