Nimki Mukhiya 22nd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bindya goes out with Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says see what is next. This is the time to play mother and daughter in law. Sweeti says how can amma do this. Annaro says did we have agreement on this wedding? Were you even happy? You became her friend right? You will befriend Bindya too. And nimki this isn’t a joke. Babbu will get married. You better get out.

Rekha says to Bindya do something. Nimki isn’t worried at all. Bindya says ask Annaro to kick nimki out. Rekha says do something that BAbbu falls for you. Dablo comes in and says what is all this? Reka says Bindua go and talk to Babbu.
Rekha says to dablo Babbu has to get married.

Nimki says mother in law Babbu has to get divorce from me. He has to cone to panchayat. Ask Tettar what happened last time. Annaro says you will make Panchayat

sit on Babbu? Nimki says yes I cant because I am Mukhiya. I will leave Babbu but when I want. As per my wish.
Rekha says to Dablo Bindya’s fathr is worried. He asked to hook her up.

Tettar says what is all this? annaro says Babbu will get married to Bindya. That Nimki will be kicked out of this house. Tettar says she is nice. Annaro says I liked her at first sight. Tettar says Babbu did a lot. Her father has good business? Annaro says he has huge contacts. Tettar says bring me to their contact.

Scene 2
Bindya is getting ready. She says Babu will like me right. Rekha says this is Babbu’s favorite color. You have to give Babbu lemonade.
Bindya says Diamond is nice too. Rekha says you have to keep an eye on Babbu only. Dablo says Babbu has gone to market.
Babbu says to Annaro how will I do all this? Annaro says you have to go with Sweeti. Rekha comes and says Bindya is waiting for you. Babbu says why? Rekha says show her the village. Annaro says yes take her with you. Annaro says don’t take her to ghat tola. Rekha says go with him.

Nimki says I think they will fall in love. Annaro says diamond take Sweerti. Sweeti says I will go alone. I don’t need a guard. I can meet whoever I want and you can’t do anything about it. Nimki says I have to go to Panchayat.

Nimki comes to Abhi. She says they are so clever. Abhi says tettar and nehar will complaint. We have to get a new company registered. Tune can get it done. I will get him the tender for the road. He is trustworthy at lesat.

Elana comes. She says Sweeti aunty didn’t come? Nimki says we sang a song. Oh hamdam soniyo re. Nimki says going good abhi. Nimki says get ready abhi we are going to panchyat.
Precap-Nimki and Sweeti are in markt. Abhi buys them bangles. Dablo sees them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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