Nimki Mukhiya 22nd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu defends Sweety

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu looks at sonographs and is tensed. Jhariya says you are going to become a father, I dont know to be happy or not, will you hold this baby ever? Babbu gets emotional. Mai comes there and sees sonographs. She slaps Jhariya and asks Babbu to burn them, he says leave it be. Mai says there should be no identity of that baby here, Babbu reluctantly burns the photos.

Muaha asks Mono to come with her. He says no. Dumri asks him to listen to her. Mono says i will play with Nimki’s son. Mauha says dont know to be happy or not. Tunee comes there and cries. Mono asks what happened? Muaha goes to him. Tunee says I am helpless, Nimki is in pain, she just shows us that she is strong. Nimki comes there. Tunee says she was strong and fighting everyone but this baby.. I think Nimki will breakdown this time. Nimki comes to him and says what is all this? you are making everyone emotional so all take care of me. She asks Tunee to take her for food. Take care of me if you think I am breaking. Tunee says are you sure? Nimki says I trust you will find some thing. She leaves with Tunee. Muaha says dont know who was pretending between them.

Babbu is drinking wine with his friends. One guy says my wife gave birth to a son. Jhariya asks him to stop it and says people saying Abhi will raise Babbu’s baby. Babbu grabs him and says what are you saying? Friend says you should get DNA test done and prove its not your baby. Babbu gets angry and drives away.

Nimki and Tunee are on road. Nimki is eating ice-cream and asks Tunee to cheer up. Tunee says I dont like to see you like this, you still have time. Nimki looks on. Babbu is driving from there and sees Nimki with Tunee. Tunee asks Nimki to listen. Nimki says take me home. She sits on his bike and drive away. Babbu is angry and follows them. He recalls Nimki insulting him and beating him in village. He drives away to other side.

Ritu is misbehaving with Sweety. She tries to leave room but he slaps her and says who behaves this way with her husband? lie on bed, I dont like when you talk and argue. He throws her on bed.

Babbu comes home and is drunk. He hears Sweety’s voice from room and starts going there. Sweety says to Ritu that you rape me daily. Ritu says I am trying to give heir to this house, you want village’s baby to rule here? Sweety says that blood is better than yours. Ritu slaps her and says you think I rape you? Sweety says you rape me daily. Babbu sees all this from outside. Ritu says to Sweety that I will rape you today, he slaps her. Babbu comes inside room and pushes Ritu away. Ritu says who comes in his sister’s room like this? Babbu slaps Ritu and says you force yourself on my sister? you rape my sister? How dare you? Sweety looks on.

PRECAP- Babbu beats Ritu and tells family that this man forced himself on my sister. Later Mai tells Babbu that once your father forced himself on me and you are result of that night so should I call you baby after rape? Babbu is shocked to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. OMG!? Babbu has started becoming emotional, he even felt quite happy when he saw his child’s photo. I don’t understand him, he felt bad when his brother-in-law was misbehaving with his sister, but wat abt him? All his emotions were dead when he rape Nimki and even proved her wrong in the court. Writers pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse, don’t make Nimki accept Babbu once he has a change of heart. Nimki and Abhi have already faced enough separation, pleassssssssssssssssssssssse unite them in the end?

  2. SsiyAa

    ohh basically they want to show that babbu is changing because of baby… rubbush… similar to movie of kajol and anil kapoor, “hum apke dil me rehte hain”

    1. Garbage and sheeeet never changed! This sheeet should end there is no story!

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