Nimki Mukhiya 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ram suffers heart attack

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says I am going sweeti. Sweeti says will you come back? Nimki says no. Nimki says I can’t tolerate what they did with richa. So I decided the power they do this sin for, I will take this power from them. And I did that. My mission is over. Sweeti says you are taking a huge decision. Sweeti says you know how big it is. Nimki says we should have a lot of paper to play with water boats in the rain. Sweeti says don’t say filmy dialogue. Nimki says it is my dialougue. Sweeti says I am sorry from my family’s behalf. Nimki says why are you saying sorry. You’re not just a sister in law. You are my friend. Sweeti hugs her. Sweeti says you have done a favor on me. Sweeti says your made me realize I am not like these people.

Media reports that tettar and Nehar are disqualified from the elections. Babbu gets angry. He picks a box. Annaro says this is your dada’s last belonging. Your dadi will kill you. Babbu says how can they do this. How can they disqualify. Annaor says why did you turn off tv. I want to listen to music. Everything is over. Tettar says you know how to hit in the heart. I lost everything and you are taunting at me. She says we lost our self respect for this election too and what did we get? Your disqualification. That Nimki is Mukhiya and you are nothing. She faints in anger. Diamond gives her water. Babbu says budhua did this? Tettar says no he didn’t. He swear on his family. Ritu says Kundan? Tettar says why would he do this to Nehar? Babbu says who is enemy to both of you? Annaro says nimki. Everyone is dazed. Diamond says she gave babbu ji this idea. Annaro says yes she did this. Tettar says this is a big game. SHe can’t do this Annaro says my heart says she did it. She is very clever. Ritu says I don’t think so. Babbu says lets go and ask her with gun on her head. Tettar says calm down. We have to be vert careful when we talk to her. She has power and we don’t. We need her more than ever. Annaro says why? Enough. stop this game now. I don’t want power. She sits down and cries. Ritu says then why are you crying? Why are you so hurt? Ritu says don’t lie to yourself. We are all hungry for power. Not just Tettar. If we let nimki go from this house it will be death for us. Till she is here we have power. And we all breathe power.

Scene 2
Ram says why did nimki didn’t come? She didn’t even call. Chachi says they must be very sad.
Nimki packs her bag. She says I am ready. Good bye. Sweeti says what will you tell everyone? She says I will lie. Sweeti says what if someone stops. She says who would stop me Sweeti says you know I am both happy and sad. I don’t wanna stop you. Nimki says I got you and dadi here. Will you come to meet me? Sweeti says yes. I will come and eat food you made. here amma doesn’t let you go in kitchen. Nimki says I don’t know how to cook. Mauha and papa cook. Sweeto says your papa cooks? She says my papa is really modern.

Mauha says papa I made this for you. He says you eat. Tune says these are all his excuses he waits for chachi to ask him to eat. ram throws a sandal on him and says you better call nimki and ask her where is she? Chachi says such anger. ram runs after him and is about to fall. Tune holds him.

Annaro says we don’t need to stop her. Tettar says don’t listen to her. You have to stop her. Babbu says I will stop her. Sweeti says what will you tell your papa? She says papa is very broad minded. He will only care about my happiness. Tune calls Nimki and says your dad had a heart attack. Nimki runs out and says please take me hospital. I wanna go to hospital. He is numb He had a heart attack. Annaro says must be doing drama. Nimki says don’t you dare saying a word against my dad.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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