Nimki Mukhiya 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Annaro tells Nimki why Bindya is here

Nimki Mukhiya 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya comes home. She says Dablo was picking someone else. Ritu says you couldn’t recognize your sister in law. Dablo says don’t have an eye like you. Rekha says meet Babbu. Bindya hugs Ritu and says babbu ji. Rekha stops her and says he is Ritu. Rekha says she is my cousin sister. Nimki and Sweeti laugh. Annaro says she is from city is from city so doesn’t know about village rituals. Bindya wears dupatta and touches everyone’s feet. She says my mom taught me this. Annaro introduces her to everyone. She asks about Nimki who is she? Annaro says she is no one. Sweeti says she is Nimki. She is our bhabhi. Babbu’s wife. Bindya says what.. She says to Rekha didi.. Nimki says I am Nimki. Daughter of Ram from Ghat tola. I am Mukhiya of this village. Pleased

to meet you. Bindya says same here. Nimki goes to her room.

Chachi says Mauha sugar and tea are over. Mauha says we don’t have money. Papa isn’t well. Ramla says you can take from me. Mauha says for how long. Mauha says I should start selling paintings. Abhi comes. Mauha says chachi make him tea. Chachi says I took your tea to my house. Let me bring it. Mauha says thank you.
Abhi gives Mauha money. She says I can’t take it. Mauha says but.. We can’t take it. Abhi says this is the rent for his car that I use. So this isn’t a favor. Keep it, I am family. Mauha hugs him in tears and says I can’t see papa like this. Abhi says he will be fine soon. Till then I am here for you all.

Scene 2
Everyone is playing carom. Sweeti says why did Bindya come? Dablo says rekha asked me to pick her. Sweeti says doesn’t amma look very happy ever since Bindya came. Rekha comes with Bindya and says she will play too. She asks Diamond to get up.
Annaro says to Nimki how is she? Nimki says Bindya? what a piece. Annaro says she will be our daughter in law. Nimki says for diamond? But isn’t she taller than him? Annaro says she will be married to Babbu not Diamond. They are of the same standard. Rekha says look how happily they are playing. Babbu says to Bindya you play well. Annaro says pick your stuff and get out. Nimki says amazing. your choice is amazing. Nimki comes out and says bindya you played amazing. Let me take the photo of winners. She takes photo of Babbu and Bindya. Nimki says come close. You two are going to be married. Dablo says what? Sweeti is dazed too adn so is babbu. Nimki says for further information contact mother in law. Nimki says nice photo. Should I upload on social media? You might end up with a case too but no. You have my permission. Annaro says Rgo inside everyone. Sweeti leaves in anger.
Rekha says this Nimki will ruin the game.

Sweeti says Nimki aren’t you serious? Nimki says she looks good with Babbu. It would matter if Babbu was mine. He doesn’t own me why should I care then? Babbu isn’t mine. Your am wants to disturb me but I wont be. I told you I will sit here and ruin their lives.
Precap-Annaro says Babu will be married to Bindya. Nimki says he first needs divorce from me. For which he will have to come to panchayat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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