Nimki Mukhiya 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweety banishes Nimki and Abhi

Nimki Mukhiya 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says I want to see what Sweety wants to say. Sweety says nobody forced me, I came here on my own. Abhi says how can you say that? Sweety says I came here for my family, go from here and dont try to meet me again. Babbu asks them to get lost.

Aunt and Elena are waiting for Abhi and Sweety. Abhi comes there. Elena says I will eat with Sweety aunty. Abhi says no one is coming, you eat. Aunt asks what happened? Elena asks where is my mom? Abhi says she wont come. Elena says I know my mom, she will come. Abhi shouts that she is not your mother. Aunt asks what happened? is she fine? Abhi shouts that we will not talk about her, she is just Tettar’s daughter. Elena cries. Abhi hugs her and says sorry, I was angry. He says forget Sweety, its just you and me. Elena asks where

she is? Abhi says from where she came, in palace. Aunt says why did she do that? Abhi says we will not talk about her, he leaves with Elena. Aunt looks at bangles and says why this happened? why they have pain in their lives? why Abhi cant have a life?

Nimki says to Tunee that Sweety cant do this, she throws dishes and says she is under pressure, she cant do this. Mauha says she is Tettar’s blood. Nimki says no she is nice. Dumri says she insulted you. Nimki says they must have forced her, she was fine yesterday and now this, its my mistake to leave her alone in hospital, I should have understood that they would do something. Mauha asks her to leave it. Nimki says I have to bring her out of palace and talk to her, I will save her. Tunee says you cant go to palace, they can do anything. Nimki says I will save her from palace at any cost.

Tettar asks Mai if Sweety ate food? Mai says yes Dublo took it, Rekha says he brought her home. Babbu says he did nothing, Rekha says you were saved otherwise.. Babbu asks her to shut up. Dublo asks him to stop it otherwise. Tettar says you are threatening him? I will not spare you. Ritu says dont threaten him. Mai says its good that Sweety is back, Tettar says Ritu can live in respect now. Diamond says all are talking about us. Rekha says all are taunting us. Babbu says Nahar went to meet Jharia. Ritu says I am silent for respect of palace. Rekha says you people dont do anything, bring my necklace back from Nahar. Tettar asks what you said? Dublo says nothing. Mai asks to talk to Nahar. Tettar calls Nahar and says your father is talking, stop blabbering about my daughter. Nahar says all are commenting if your daughter ranaway. Tettar says she is my daughter and Babbu is back. Nahar says Ritu was ready but she ranaway. Tettar says he is my son in law and I will bring head position back, he ends call. Mai smirks. Nahar says Nimki will go back to palace? I dont think so.

Scene 2
Nimki recalls her moments with Sweety, her marriage with Abhi. She says I dont understand, how can she change? she didnt think about me and Abhi? what did Dublo tell her? She sees Nahar calling and says he is a jerk.

Servant comes out of Sweety’s room, Mai asks what she took to her? Servant says she asked for warm water for her bruise. Ritu comes to her and says its your chance to control, do her bandage, she will like it.

Sweety is cleaning her bullet wound and have pain. Mai comes there and says let me do it. Sweety says you gave me this wound, its mine and I will handle it. Her phone rings, Mai sees and says Nimki is calling? She takes call, Nimki says talk to me, we can meet outside palace, you cant do this, you are not like them, you love Abhi. Mai says shut up.

PRECAP- Nimki says to Abhi that I have another plan, you can go to Delhi and marry her there. Door bell rings, Abhi opens the door and is surprised.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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