Nimki Mukhiya 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nehar and Tettar disqualified

Nimki Mukhiya 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dablo says to Rekha I should have seen on time and told Nehar. Rekha says who knew BDO would come at night. Dablo says what if Nehar doubts me. Rekha says would he take the business back? I have added a new locket too.
Dablo says to Sweeti dad’s game is over. sweeti says he wont ever give up. Rekha says there is someone who is doing all this. Nehar and Dad both are destroyed. Dablo says who would do that nehar? Sweeti says you are sad for nehar? Dablo gets a call from Jhairya.. He says what? He says police has arrested both Nehar and dad. Sweeti says our dad has stooped so low.

Abhi says he can be jailed as well. Babu says how dare you say that my dad would be jailed? Nimki says please listen to him once. Abhi says you are nimki’s husband so I leave you everytime. Moraylal says he beats people when they misbehave. Ritu says babbu calm down please. Nehar gets a call fro dablo. He doesn’t pick. Abhi says you campaigned on the election day. And Babbu put a gun on me. DAblo calls again. Tettar takes the phone and says whoeever are you don’t call again. He doesn’t see the name.
Nimki says a third person is doing this. Abhi says who would it benefit? Tettar says I am sure Nehar did this. Babbu says lets go and talk to the third candidate. Abhi says you can’t leave without my permission. Get the complaint written. Babbu says we don’t need anything. Abhi says moraylal call polie and take them to jail. THey only understand that language. Nimki says no dad please say sorry. Police comes in. Tettar and Nehar say sorry to Abhi.

Ram says they wont sit quite. Mauha says don’t worry. Abi is there to handle. Ram says my foot is numb. Tune says you don’t have blood. Mauha giggles. Tune says go to the doctor. Mauha says he always avoids going to doctor.
Abhi calls Nimki and says you played very well. she says I am full of talent. If I went to Mumbai I would have been better than Kareena. She says would I send them to jail? He says I will. Nimki says no don’t. He says if you still have a soft corner? She says no I want to see them seeing their plans ruin. Abhi says I have seen you hating someone this much first time. She says come visit home some day. He says your family wont like it. Se says I am talkin about my homme in ghat tola. Not this. That’s home no matter where i shift.

Mauha comes to tune and says Nimki called and said they nehar and tettar are disqualified. She hugs him. He says why did you hug me? Dont hug me again. He leaves. Mauha says don’t touch me again. Ram wonders whats happening.
Nimki packs her bag. Sweeti says you going? She says I am going to my papa’s place. That’s my home. She says I had been not able to spend time with my papa and this fake marriage.
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Update Credit to: Atiba

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