Nimki Mukhiya 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Elena tells abhi everything

Nimki Mukhiya 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says if you drink more I will inform police. Its illegal. I know you are mad because I slapped Diamond. Say sorry to him. He says you did wrong. He was in tears. Keep one thing in mind I will kill you if you do that next time. Nimki says its not his age to use guns. If you all can’t handle him I will fix him in two days. He says shut up and is about to slap her. ELena comes out and says Nimki.. Babbu lowers his hand. Nimki says go to your room. I am coming.
Nimki says you felt so bd for your brother and think about me. If you had slapped me my heroin would have waken up. I am serious don’t take me in comedy all the time.

Ritu comes to sweeti and says your behaviour is hurting them. You don’t cut the stem you sit on. Sweeti says you sit on it. I am just hung. Ritu says nimki shouldn’t have slapped diamond. Whats her worth. Sweeti says you have no worth in front of her. You can’t do anything without her. And at least she doesn’t play with lives like you. Ritu says you are going on the wrong path. Don’t do all this. Sweeti says this is the truth of me. Time will tell who will be in trouble on their tracks.

Scene 2
Tune says on call chachi gave the address. Mauha says what happened? Tune says the address chachi gave was wrong. Chachi comes in. Tune says why you gave us wrong path? Its 189. Mauha says you said its 182. Chachi says ask your friend to eat it. She tries to leave. mauha says stop. You needed something? She says no. she leaves.

Elena talks to Abhi on call. she says papa how are you? He says much better. Abhi says are you having fun there? Elena says yes. We played anatkshari with nani. Mausi says who is nani?? Elena says nimki’s mother in law. Elena says diamond shot Jhairya. Abhi says what? Nimki says it happened by mistake. Tettar slapped him. Dadi and sweeti come in. Dadi says I want to talk to him. She says thank God you are fine. We are sorry for the mistake they did with the gun. Abhi says don’t say that. Sweeti says elena is our guest. Don’t worry about her. We will take care of her. Nimki says see how cool is my family.

Rekha comes to Annaro and says you are upset? Why are you lost? Sweeti is going away from us. You can tell me whats in your heart. Annaro says go from here. I don’t wanna talk to her. That Nimki has taken my babbu’s room. She says you are right.

Sweeti says elena I brought this doll for you. Elena hugs her and says thank you. Dadi says thiss is your childhood’s. Sweeti says yes. Babu ji brought me this. Nimki says you played with this in childhood? We never got such toys. Our father would only take us to mela on his shoulder. Sweeti says we could never sit on his shoulder or go to mela with him.
Rekah says nimki is planning to rule this house. Sweeti and dadi are in nimki’s room. Annaro is dazed. She goes therre. Annaro sees dadi and sweeti coming out. Dadi says you two play. We will sleep. Annaro says this elena needs to be kicked out of this house. Rekha says so how? Annaro says if something happens to her. Her father will come here running.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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