Nimki Mukhiya 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki makes Babbu go against Tettar

Nimki Mukhiya 20th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki tells Babbu that your father doesnt care for anyone but reign, you are not like him and wont forget your relations if you get the position. She gets up. Babbu says he stooped too low. Nimki says I will get water, Babbu says I will bring it. Nimki says I will go, baby should get used to walk too. She leaves. Abhi calls Nimki. Babbu takes call. Abhi says I am sorry Nimki I couldnt understand you, you should have told me earlier but I am with you. Babbu says Abhi? Nimki comes there. Babbu says what were you saying? in which thing are you with her? Nimki says I called him as he was angry earlier. Abhi says I thought Tettar did all that. Nimki puts on speaker and says you are with my Babbu now? You should have called in morning. Abhi says Babbu I am sorry. Babbu says its okay. Abhi says

okay, good night, he ends call and says Nimki is too much. Nimki says to Babbu that sorry but you are not educated so we will need someone to win this elections, its good Ritu is no more with Tettar, we can get Sweety divorced from him, should I ask Abhi to get papers? Babbu says yes.

Tettar says to Mai that we will see about Ritu after elections, I will take Babbu’s name back. Tettar gets Ritu’s call, Ritu says I did everything for you and you insulted me so much. Tettar says I can never send you away, I did it so Babbu can take his name back, I have trapped him. Ritu says you could have given me a hint. Tettar says Nimki should not doubt our game, dont worry when Babbu takes his name back, I will bring you back in palace, come to party office tomorrow, he ends call. Mai says you are bringing him back? Tettar says yes, tomorrow Nimki and Babbu will get answers. Mai looks on.

Scene 2
Rekha tells her mom about Ritu and him out of house. Mai scolds her and cuts call, she asks her to bring food. Mai asks Babbu to think about our respect. Babbu says everyone should know how cheap Ritu is. Nimki says he can use palace’s name to get debt. Mai says dont talk to me. Nimki says we were fine and now you dont want to talk? Mai says I will never accept her. Diamond says Bhabhi is right. Tettar comes there and asks what happened? Sweety says Mai is not accepting Nimki. Tettar says she is like that, if Babbu doesnt have an issue then why can you accept her? Tettar gets call from party and says no worries, Babbu accepted, we are coming and will take his name back. He ends call and asks Babbu to take his name back. Babbu glares at him. Tettar says lets go. Nimki says wait, we are expecting someone. They hear music. Jhariya brings new poster. Tettar says show it to us. Poster has Nimki and Babbu’s picture only. Tettar is shocked. People are chanting for Babbu outside. Tettar asks what is happening? Sweety says they want Babbu to win. Mai says he is backing out for Tettar right? Nimki says no, there is a twist, Babbu is not taking his name back, he will run for elections and will win too. Tettar says you lied to me? Babbu says no but then I realized I should run for elections. Nimki says we wanted to sacrifice for you but if you can throw your right hand man for a seat then you can do anything so we cant trust you. Tettar grabs Babbu and says you lied to me? I threw Ritu out of house because of you and you did this? Babbu says I knew you were playing so I decided to play with you. Nimki says we should make a new deal. Babbu says you all have to accept Nimki and give her same place as Mai. Mai gets angry and slaps Babbu. He glares at her.

PRECAP- Tettar says to Ritu that Nimki is snatching my own family from me. Ritu says what if you snatch her family from Nimki? Like Muaha, Mono or Tunee? Tettar looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is a bad bad show where nimki is his a pros ho no shame.

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