Nimki Mukhiya 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki sends divorce notice

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Nimki Mukhiya 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu is angry. Dablo says to Ritu even abhi is back now How would you stop Nimki now? BAbbu recalls what Nimki asid. Annaro says Babbu please sit down. He is doing push ups. He says I don’t want to eat anything. Tettar says that Nimki will have to pay for all this.
Annaro says to Sweeti did you say something? She says make some juice for Babbu. Parbatya comes and says someone from panchyat gave this paper. It is for Babbu. Ritu reads it and is dazed. He says it is from panchayat. Nimki has filed her case for divorce from Babbu. It’s on 15th. Everyone is dazed. Babbu stands up in anger. Tettar says calm down. Annaor says how dare she call Babbu for divorce in panchayat. Rekha says she is heavy on all of you. Tettar looks at the notice and tears it. He says she can’t

scare us from a piece of paper. Her panchayat wont be there till 15th. Enough of this now. They leave in anger. Annaro says burn it.

Abhi comes to the office. Moraylal says I got jalebi. This is your first day back in office. THat BDO was depressing. I understand the value of this job while working under you. People are talking about you. Because of you and Nimki people feel empowered. abhi says you have to wake people up to speak against the wrong. I was so happy when I saw whole village behind Nimki. Moraylal says yes people are with her.

Babbu and Tettar come outside Nimki’s house. Nimki is on a round. She asks them to pick the garbage. A womann says please help me. She says yes? Tettar comes there. He says hey Nimki. How dare you call us to Panchayt. You will divorce Babbu? He would divorce you. Nimki says to that woman tell me your problem. Don’t be scared of anyone. She says let tettar talk. Nimki says first you came to mukhiya then them. You would speak first. Babbu us angry. Ritu says move away. Nimki says I am busy. The woman says my husband drinks and doesn’t work. He doesn’t let me work either. Can you talk to my husband. Babbu says get lost from here. Nimki says men are like lottery if you get something good, stay with it. If not, then tear it apart and throw it., Babbu says who are you.. She says I am mukhiya of this place. Nimki says slap your husband like I did. Tettar says ask her to hear from me. Nimki says a husband who doesn’t support his wife, isn’t a man. I married with so much expectation but my husband was a loser so I left him. I am independent, free and mukhiya now. Tune says hear and learn from Nimki. Nimki says get your right. If you wanna work, don’t care about him. Come to panchayat I will get you a job. Tettar says what are you trying to show? Nimki says tune tell them I will meet after lunch. Tettar says we have nothing with this paper. It can’t scare us. Babbu tears it and throws it on her.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lokesh

    Abhi to 8:30 bhi nahi hua , how?

    1. It gets uploaded on hotstar. And they must have premium to see it and then write update and upload before time

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