Nimki Mukhiya 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tettar’s video releases

Nimki Mukhiya 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Annaro comes back home. dablo says amma you came back. Tettar says you were missed. Nimki says such love. Learn from them Babu. Annaor says lets go out everyone. Dablo says I don’t want to go. Nimki says see the photos. Tettar says how dare you say no to your father. What is the gaurantee of your business? He says there is no gaurantee of your chances of winning in elections either. annaro says dont’ say a word. He is Tettar he doesn’t lose. I am his wife first and then your mother. We don’t need you. Babbu says you are not doing right. They leave.

Tettar gets a call from Mahatu and says what are you saying. Why would I do that. He says why would I say that in a video. Sweeti says I receivedd the same video he is talking about. They all see the video and are dazed. Teetar says I wont work. Tettar is totally shocked. He says Nehar has done this.

Everyone in the village sees the video.
Moraylal tells Abhi have you seen that video? Tettar must be very angry.
People say who would they vote for when both are corrupt. Abhi says focus on your work.
Tettar comes to the village. His man says Tettar has not given up. Ritu says that video is fake. Tettar is still contesting in the elections. Vote for him. Tettar says this is a conspiracy against me. Nehar comes and says I haven’t withdrawn. I am contesting elections and vote for me. People chant against them. People protest against both of them. Nehar and Tettar;s men fight. Nimki says let them fight. Just grab popcorn and enjoy. We have to stay out of it. It will be fun when they beat Nehar as well. Nehar says to Tettar you have done this all. Diamond says Nehar has done. Abhi says so both have done this? Babbu points gun at Abhi and says sshut up BDO.
He says go from here or.. Nimki says what are you doing. Babbu says my dad will win elections no matter what I have to do. Ritu says babbu take the gun down. Abhi says better go or i will get your dad disqualified. Tettar says people should know that I am still contesting. Abhi says enough. I will solve this now. Nimki says I am also going to abhi’s place. Babbu says why? She says wy you forget I am the Mukhiya.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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