Nimki Mukhiya 1st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone plans Nimki’s birthday

Nimki Mukhiya 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha says Nimki shouldn’t know the plan. Mono says she is angry no one wished her birthday. Ramla says yes she is saying I am alone. Mauha says Abhi will take her outside then we will prepare. Mono says yes she is so angry. Let me wish her. Mauha stops her. Tune comes in. He says let’s wish her. Mauha says no she will love it when we surprise her. Nimki comes out. She says you all wanna say something? I don’t mind. Mono says what? Nimki says don’t remember what is it today? Ramla says today isn’t a good day. Nimki says what’s in your hand Tune. He says kachori. Nimki says you remembered? He says this is for me. Nimki says selfish friend. You are not what I thought you would be. And Mono you are so useless no rakhi for you. She goes inside.

Abhi comes. Tune says your turn now. She is so mad at us. Mauha says yes you take her outside. All the best. Abhi comes to Nimki’s room. She says who is it? Abhi says it’s me. Nimki says he acme to wish me. Abhi says open the door. Tune says there is no chance. Nimki opens the door. Nimki is dressed. Mauha says you changed? Where are you going? Nimki says to panchyat. Abh says I want to talk let’s go outside. Nimki says yes I don’t want to stay with these people. Don’t stay with me.

Scene 2
Babbu says that ritu is more important than me. Rekha says yes SIL is more important than a son. Diamond says he doesn’t take me anywhere either. Rekha says Ritu is taking Babu’s place. Sweeti says he is no one’s. He will ruin this house. Annaro says stop all this. I will talk to your dad. Ritu comes in and says everyone cheered up for Tettar. He almost got the ticket. Rekha says how did they agree after what Babbu did? Tettar says Ritu made this possible. It is his favor. Ritu says you’re like my dad. Babbu slaps him and says I am the son. You took him and left me. Ritu says but.. Babbu says I am speaking to my dad. Tettar says I didn’t take you on purpose. You are useless. He got me this chance and I won’t’ let it go. Annaro says what are you saying. Tettar says he has ruined my name. Tettar says you are not a man to me anymore. You kneeled down to her. Babbu grasps his collar. Everyone stops Babbu. Anaro says you would attack your dad? Tetar says I will kick you out. Ritu is more important than you. Babbu says so now I will do what I have to. Ritu says he ruined such a good news.

Scene 3
Elena is there too. Everyone decorated the house. Mausi says what happened. Tune says she had been so mad at us. Mauha says what is moray lal tells Nimk. Call him. Tune says it was al your plan. MAusi says Abhi will take care of Nimki.
Abhi takes Nimki to panchayat. She says why are we here? I thought you would.. Don’t you remember? He says there is important work. She says tell me what would be an important day? He says the wedding. She says and happy day? He says let’s go. We have to sign some papers. Nimki says I am going I am busy today. Abhi says I would send papers through moray lal but he isn’t here. Moray lal comes. Abhi asks him to hide. He says go from here. We are planning a surprise for her. I have to keep her outside the house. He gives moray lal money. Nimki comes.
Precap-Nimki is home alone. Someone comes in. She thinks it’s Abhi. Nimki says you recalled? I am mad. It’s babbu. Nimki says what are you doing here. If you touch me I will kill you. He says you can kill me, but I need another chance. I want to be yours.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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