Nimki Mukhiya 18th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Muaha gives statement in court

Nimki Mukhiya 18th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Elena comes out of school and shows her trophy to Abhi’s manager. He says thats great. Goons eye Elena. Elena goes back in school.

In court, Shankar asks Mauha why Nimki married Babbu? Sinha says it doesnt matter. Shankar says they are saying Babbu raped her, Muaha knows everything about her sister, I am asking clean questions. He asks Mauha if Nimki married Babbu because of his money, wealth and palace or not? Mauha is tensed and nods. Shankar says Nimki used to like queen’s life, she wanted money and palace. Mauha says yes but she loved Babbu too, she liked him and didnt know he is an animal. Shankar says Nimki said no to many proposals because of money. Mauha nods. Shankar says Nimki trapped Babbu because she wanted money, she wanted to marry him because of his house.

Nimki says they have nothing in their palace, I used to bring my own soap there, they dont even have showers. Shankar says Nimki wanted money, they kept bearing her insults because they respected her.

Dublo comes to Mai. Mai says why are you here now? you should be ashamed. Dublo says listen to me, he grabs her. Mai hugs him and cries. She says you didnt think about my Babbu? Dublo gives her water and medicine. She doesnt take it. Dublo says for Babbu, she takes it. Dublo says please accept that Babbu will go to jail, he will be punished for what he did, this is right for us and him, I am with you. Mai says if he goes to jail then I will shoot Nimki. Dublo says this is your fault, Babbu thinks he is a man by raping a girl? He is no man. Mai throws Dublo out of room. Dublo says you are hurting Babbu more by taking his side, you are a good mother? You kill Nimki, his brother kills your family and this goes on, Babbu will see this house empty when he comes back from jail, pray that Babbu becomes a good person in jail.

In court, Shankar says Babbu loves his family a lot, Nimki insulted them when electricity of village was cut right? Mauha says yes but.. Shankar says Nimki was never a good wife or daughter in law. He asks Mauha who planned to make case of rape? Abhi was involved in that planning too? You people gave it rape’s name but you know Babbu had s*x with Nimki. Mauha is hurt and recalls everything that happened. She shouts that any girl would tear her clothes? A sister would wound her sister to make it look like rape? I remember her condition, she was silent, didnt say anything and then talked to us to make us live again as we were all dead. She cries. Judge asks Mauha to go and sit back. Mauha comes down from witness box. Nimki hugs her. Judge says to Shankar that you are distracting us from case. Tettar says this Shankar is not doing anything. Babbu says game just started. Tunee gets Diamond’s message that take his call or someone will die. He is shocked.

PRECAP- In court, Shankar asks Tunee if Nimki called Babbu that night? He says yes. Judge asks Tunee if he thinks Babbu raped her? Tunee says no. Nimki is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It’s not moving the story. It’s all about tettar baby mother etc bakwas


  3. Tettar tettri babbu it all about. Heartless parents who are glorfing what babbu did was right. Chee. Writer’s who come up with garbage storyline are no better then tettar tettri babbu and others.

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