Nimki Mukhiya 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki hides in Abhi’s house

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Nimki Mukhiya 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar says she ran from fear of police. abhi says I know you are the real owner of the company. Ram is my family friend. I will find out who did all this. I wont leave the one who is responsible for this. Abhi hangs up. Babbu says I wont leave him. Diamond says take me when you want to hit him. Sweeti stares him. Ritu says why are you staring? Why do you care for that BDO? We have to find Nimki.

Elena says nimki hurry up mausi dadi would come any time. Mausi comes in. Elena says she is here. Mausi says why are you here? Go watch tv. She says I am hungry. Mausi says you just ate. Let me take shower. Where is my saree? Elena says nimki said you are getting old. Mausi goes towards washroom she says why is door not opening. Elena says it might have been locked. Mausi says let me bring hammer. She goes to abhi’s room. Elena takes nimki out and hides.

Mauha says why is papa not coming back. Tune says wherever she would be she should be fine. Mauha says I don’t know whats happening. Chachi says Ritu was saying as if whole mistake is Nimki’s. Mauha says exactly. Nimki calls Tune. He says what should I do now. He goes out to talk to her. She asks how is everyone? He says they are really worried for you. Where are you? At least tell me if you are fine. Babbu came here too. He was worried. Nimki says if I come there police will arrest me. Chachi says whom is he talking to to? They come out. Tune says Nimki this problem will worsen if you stay hidden. Nimki says until I don’t find out who did all this I wont come back. Tune says but you.. He sees chachi and muaaha.
Mauha says is it Nimki? Nimki hangs up. He deletes the number and says it wasn’t nimki. She takes his phone. It was not of Nimki. Tune says I told you. It was my friend. Mauha is crying. she says where have they gone.

Sweeti massages dadi’ back. She says stopping those thugs did this to me. Nimki said i shouldd let them steal. She made them miserable. Sweeti says I hope she is fine. Daadi says she should be, she knows how to do what she wants. Even when your amma doesn’t let her do things, she finds a way. Annaro says do you miss her? Dadi says why would i? She gives milk to sweeti and says give it to her. Dadi says where would have she gone? Will she come back? Sweeti says can’t say anything at the moment.

Nimki is in Elena’s room. She says I will have to sleep on the floor. she sleeps on the floor. She says what days am I saying. I have to prove myself innocent. Look at them sleeping so peacefully. SHe tries to sleep. She sleeps between elena and mausi. Elena wakes up and sees Nimki. Elena says sleep on floor. Nimki says but i can’t. Elena says you will have to. I know you would have a big bed in haveli. She says yes babbu and I sleep on it. Elena says does he like you? She says he is my husband. Elena says what if he doesn’t? Nimki says I give people many chances. She says I can’t see down. They push mausi and lay her on the mattress on the floor. abhi comes in and says what noise is this?

Precap-Nimki is on the road. She comes in front of Nehar’s car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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