Nimki Mukhiya 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu to contest in elections

Nimki Mukhiya 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar comes home in anger. Sweet says he won’t do it. He must be doing this to scare you. Ritu says he filled nomination papers. This isn’t a drama. You must already knew. Tettar says he wants all my powers. That’s why he brought Nimki here. Dablo says was it all Babbu’s plan? He says yes. dAblo says I should have been on his side. Tettar says he shouldn’t be seen in this house. Go now. Nimki and Babbu comes in. Nimki says Babbu will get the votes. Annaro says Babbu how dare you. Tettar hits him and says I will kick you out of this house. Babbu says if I win you won’t live in this house. Annaro slaps him. Annaro says you threatened your dad? She slaps him again. Nimki stops his hand. Nimki says enough. you can’t hit my husband in front of me.

Nimki says we can file a case that you are trying to harm Tettar’s competition is elections. Ritu says calm down please. Nimki says he is wise. Tettar says this is your son. He isn’t a man. Tettar takes out his gun. Annaro calms him. He coughs and sits on sofa. Rekha says jharya get waater. Nimki says call doctor. Annaro says we don’t need you go from here. Babbu says let me call the doctor. Nimki and Babbu leave.

Tettar says he ruined my name. What would people think. Party office calls Ritu. He says we are called in office. Tettar throws water glass in anger.

Scene 2
Ramla says babu is contesting against Tettar? Mauha says the are plotting something. Ramla says I hope nimki isn’t harmed. Mauha says she isn’t innocent. She went herself. She left us. She went there herself.
Tune says to abhi I kind of understand something. When she left I didn’t but now I do. Everything was going fine, then she left one day? She is playing. Her mission is something else. She is there to break his family. I know Nimk. She is playing Babu. She would make the haveli people fight and kill each other. Abhi says whaat? Nimki says she is still ours. Abhi says why didn’t she tell us? Tune says she won’t want trouble for us.

Chairman says people are talking. Your son is against you. You can’t even control your family. ritu says we will sort it. He says no go out people are laughing at you. Tettar says no one would vote for Babbu He is my son. He says no, people know Babbu and who would vote for you even if your son doesn’t believe in you? Tettar says he doesn’t know politics. Rtu says nimki provoked him. A guy says nimki has her vote bank. It would go to babbu. He says women decide things in your house Tettar gets angry.

Precap-Annaro says to Babbu you would go against your father? He says yes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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