Nimki Mukhiya 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki with Juhi in Babbu’s house

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Nimki Mukhiya 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says leave all this. tell me how do you like this house and the family? And Babbu. I can tell you so much about him. Nimki says Rekha make juices for everyone. Juhi’s mom says how do you know everything about the family. Nimki says have spent a good time here. Sajjan says what do you mean? She says I am mukhiya. I come here very often. Ritu says why don’t you talk to your friend Sweeti? Sweeti take her to the room. Nimki says no I am good here. Sajjan says Juhi fell for Babu with the photo only. Nimki says yeah they look interesting in the photo. Afterwards you get to know the reality. Nimki says Babbu take your wife to be in the room. And then know each other so you don’t have to regret again. Sajjan saays again? Annaro says she meant marriages in general. Nimki says you have my permission. Go. They go to room.

Tune is with the car. He is worried. He is getting Sajjan’s car fixed. Nimki says dablo took land from my dad. You didn’t give the rent yet? My papa can take you to panchayt. You people have a case in panchayat already. Did you get the second notice of 21st? Mother says whats the case? Ritu says it is of a land. You know how villages her.
Juhi asks Babu who do you like? He says Aliya. She says I like Ranbir.
Mother says you are really nice. right annaro? Nimki says call her samdhan. Nimki says Babu why are you looking at me? Look at your wife to be.
Juhi asks babbu is there another girl in your life? He says my friend is hospitalized. Worried for him. She says your mukhiya is very smart. She must be bossing around her husband.

Annaro says how did she know they were coming? Sweeti says handle everything without anger. I don’t think she would tell them.
Annaro comes out and says why is she still here? Is this panchayat? Nimki says panchayat is on 21st. Rekha says you should go from here. Juhi’s mother says we brought her here. Why are you being so angry? Jui comes back. Nimki says did you like him? She nods. Babu says I really like her too. Nimki says parbatya bring sweets.
Nimki says you should try to know more about these haveli boys. They hide a lot of things. Like they do bad things outside the house. Tettar says what are you saying. She says just joking. Nimki says Babbu isn’t like that. One girl from ghat tola declared she isn’t even a girl. Babu stands up in anger. Abhi and Tune come there. Abhi says Nimki isn’t alone.
Precap-Nimki says come to panchayat on 21st. Sajjan says solve the matter here if it’s small. Nimki says he is my husband and I am divorcing him on 21st.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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