Nimki Mukhiya 18th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki leaks Tettar and Nahar’s video

Nimki Mukhiya 18th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi messages Nimki all the best for her work. Aunt asks whom he is talking to? Abhi says I was messaging Nimki, she will fail Tettar and Nahar, Aunt says what if they know that Nimki did it and they make Babbu leave the house, her life will be destroyed, Abhi says why? if they dont value her and think to throw her out for this then its better she leave Babbu, Aunt says what are you saying? nobody marries a divorced girl in this. Elena comes there and says my papa will marry her, dont you love her? Abhi gets tensed and leaves. Aunt says he loves her a lot, Elena says then I want Babbu to leave Nimki so she gets with papa, Aunt says dont say like that.

Nimki comes out of her room, she looks around and goes in main part of the palace, she recalls how she was not allowed in in palace, how Dadi told her that Babbu married for elections only, how Babbu asked her to remove proofs against Nahar, how many times Mai insulted her, how Tettar insulted her that nobody can win against her. Nimki says only this night will pass and then I will not have any relation with this house, I am not a common girl, I will show them the new year now. Ram calls Nimki, Ram says what if they know? Nimki says dont worry, the one who is scared, that person cant work. Mauha asks him to put on speaker, Nimki says I wanted to call you people, actually I was thinking to come to your house after elections, I will not have any work so I can stay at your home somedays, Ram says this is your house and I want you to stay here till this problem is settled. Nimki thinks that now this problem wont be settled, it will increase. Tunee comes there. Nimki asks to give him call, Tunee takes call, Tunee talks in codes and says should watch start? Nimki says yes their time will start now.

Villagers are sitting at tea stall. One villager gets Tettar’s video that we want to serve people, I am not greedy for a seat so I decide to back down from elections infront of Guddu. Other villager says that Tettar is backing out? They get Nahar’s video that he wants to serve nation and will back from elections in favor of Guddo.

Dumri gets Tettar’s video that he only wants seat, if you think that I will work for nation then you all are mistaken. All villagers get Tettar and Nahar’s videos on their phone.
Nimki watches video and smirks. She says how I am so intelligent? what will happen with them now? nobody can make me lose this time, this time only Nahar and Tettar will lose.

Scene 2
In morning, Nahar is on call with Kundan and says what? Tettar can never back down from elections, he made his son marry a villager for that seat. Nahar gets Tettar video that he wants Guddo to work for nation so he backs down from elections. Nahar laughs and says I will become minister now. His man comes there and says what did you do? why did you record video? He shows him video in which Nahar says that I will back down from elections for Guddo. Nahar says what is this? I never recorded this video, I am not backing down from elections.

Nimki says to servant that you should make sweets today, Tettar is becoming MLA today. Tettar and others come there. Nimki says remember we all will vote for Tettar. Tettar says we have to go to polling station, where is Babbu? Ritu says he might have gone for polling station. Nimki says Tettar you are looking very dashing, Sweety says Mai must have called and told him what to wear. Tettar says yes she called me but didnt come to vote for me. Mai and Babbu comes there, Mai says it can never happen. Tettar is happy and surprised to see her. Nimki smirks.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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