Nimki Mukhiya 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti finds out abhi loves Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says sweeti can go home now. Sweeti says what home? Nimki says that haveli isn’t home to anyone. Sweeti says but where will I go? Nimki says to abhi’s house. You can live there if you marry him. Sweeti says but.. Nimki says I will get you married here. They will discharge a bride from here. You and abhi will go together. I and tune will arrange everything.
Abhi comes. Nimki says there are two good news. sweeti will be discharged. He says wow. Nimki says second is you are getting married tomorrow. ABhi says but.. SHe isn’t even well. Sweeti says we shouldn’t be hasty. Nimki says what is the problem? She can’t go to haveli. You have to take her home. I can’t trust them. Abhi says but tomorrow. I have to talk to her. Nimki says have you

changed because she got shot? Abhi says no. Sweeti says but.. Nimki says you already said no. Sweeti says abhi please do what you think is right. I wont go back to haveli. Nimki says will you marry? Abhi says I am ready. Nimki says great, I have to prepare.

Tettar gets ready. Annaro says where to? He says going to party office. She says you still are n your politics? He says everything is sorted. Sweeti will come home tomorrow. If she doesn’t I will kill her. Annaro says we have to bring her and teach her a lesson. Tettar says we have to teach her with love so she comes to our side again and doesn’t give statement against babbu.

Scene 2
Mausi calls Sweeti. She says I am waiting for you. Nimki is preparing for the wedding. How will she do it in the hospital? Sweeti says it would be odd. Sweeti says I hope everything goes fine. Sweeti says it will. Mausi says abhi doesn’t have a good fate. First elena’s mom left him then nimki and now you got shot. Sweeti says nimki? Mausi says no I mean nimki was so close to elena she considered her mother. I mean friends.. Sweeti says abhi loves nimki right? Mausi says yes.. I mean as friends. They are attached. Don’t think anything is wrong. ELena considers you her mom. Sweeti says she considers Elena too? Mausi says no they keep fighting I will talk to you.
Sweeti is in shock. sHe says abhi wanted to marry Nimki? She holds her head. Sweeti takes off her drip. She goes out and sees abhi elena and nimki taking selfie and laughing, Sweeti is in tears. She says I cam betweeen them and Nimki is sacrificing her love for me? This isn’t right. Sweeti falls. Nimki sees her. Abhi and nimki run towards her. Nimki calls doctor.

Annaro says sweeti should come here. Babbu says I will kill her if she doesn’t. Tettar gets a call from jharya. Ritu says we can’t do much you have shot Sweeti. Dablo says this is how people are paid for their loyalty. Look at babbu eating here in peace. Tettar says what do you want? Dalo says loyal like a father and brother in this house? Tettar throws a glass of water on him.
No preacp.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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