Nimki Mukhiya 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Court hearing day

Nimki Mukhiya 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha finishes the dress. She says it looks so good. Ramla says sweeti did such good cutting. Mono says Muaha stitched. Mauha says real factor is the cutting. Ramla says she is such a nice girl living in that house. Nimki says its not about the house. Abhi leaves. Nimki says sweeti a picture of Elena wearing it. Nimki says to Tune I will start my life anew. What will Sweeti do? She will be lost. Why didn’t you tell me. Tune says she asked me not to tell you. I promise you I will do anything to save her.

Parbatya gives arti to Annaro. Rekha says would that save Babbu? Annaro says shut up. Tettar comes. He says where is ritu? He says I was trying to convince Sweeti. Ritu says we have to convince everyone one by one. rekha says I spoke to Dablo.
Ritu says where is babbu? Parbatya says he isn’t in his room. Ritu calls but his number is off. Rekha says did he run? Ritu says annaro? Did you do this? This will ruin the case.

Mauha says where is mono? Ramla says we sent him to Ismail’s house. Abhi says I asked men to not gather outside Ismail’s house. So Tettar doesn’t know Mono is there. Nimki says elena sent me this photo of her fancy dress. Ramla says she looks so pretty. Nimmki says papa made similar dress for me. I thought I would fly but I couldn’t. Ahhi says you can. Nimki says not with injured wings. Abhi holds her hand and says everything injured heals.

Nimki comes outside. they give nimki wishes. Mauha says Ismail please take care of Mono. They all chant for Nimki.
Elena is with Moray lal. she says I am worried for Nimki. Will she win? Moray lal says yes she will win. Elena says can you get me a chocolate? I will give it to nimki when she wins. Some thugs are following them. They come near elena but Moray lal comes back.

Ritu and Tettar come to court and meet shankar. Shankar says where is Babbu? What is he doing now? Nimki says so he ran? Abhi says he is a coward. What could you expect. Abhi says nimki who is he to you? Nimki says whats up in the haveli. Go Shankar tells judge the culprit ran. Babu comes and says I wont run anywhere until I see you suffer more. Abhi says you will be in jail. Babbu says we will see.

Precap-Ramla tells everything in court. Se says this tettar came there with his thugs. People threw dirt on him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Story has no meaning it’s cat and mouse game.

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