Nimki Mukhiya 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu hits Diamond

Nimki Mukhiya 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu says Nimki’s brother hit him. Nimki says he must be worried. Look at bruise on his hand. Babbu tears Diamond’s shirt and beats him more. Tettar says leave him. Nimki and everyone laugh. Mono hugs her.

Abhi says what is all this? Mausi says I asked Nimki to come on lunch. Mausi says elena keeps asking me what happened to Nimki. Abhi says did you say anything? She says no. Elena coems with her doll. She says please fix it. Elena says where did you go? He says court. She says do you have a case? He says no nimki does. She says what happened to her? Why is she fighting the case. Abhi says people tried to harm her but she is very strong. Abhi says just like this doll I will fix everything in Nimki’s life. Elena says thank you. She hugs Abhi.

Nimki says to Mono keep knife with you and stab Diamond. Mauha says what are you saying. Tune says why don’t you give him a bomb either? Mono says I will blast the haveli. Mauha says you are you a thug? Nimki says keep a fake gun with you then.
Ismail comes. Nimki says why you look worried? He says they are coming. Rubina’s in alws. Nimki says we will arrange everything. I will get Rubina’s makeover done. Ismail smiles.

Jharyia says to Diamond mono hit you and then Babu. Dablo says can’t you see he s upset already. Sweeti says you think he was hit by mono? Dablo says slap him. Diamond slaps Jhariya. Sweeti says do you need anything to eat? He says no. Dablo says I always eat. Diamond says I am not shamless like you. Sweeti says give him something that gives him strength like milk. Diamond says are you making fun? He says yes we are having fun. Diamond leaves. Dablo says we couldn’t save Babu we can save him.

Nimki asks mono to get flowers. Nimki gets Rubina ready she says you look so pretty. I will dress you up. Ramla says don’t overdo it. Nimki says Mauha take her from here. Nimki says you look really good. Look in the mirror. Abhi calls. Nimki says a guy’s family is coming. He says for who? Nimki says me.
Precap-Nimki insults Rubina’s in laws.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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