Nimki Mukhiya 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki chooses Babbu over her family

Nimki Mukhiya 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha says nimki mukhiya you must have forgotten but I remember how this man hit my father in this house. How he raped my sister My dad died because of him. How can I forget? Babbu says I know I have done terrible mistakes. Mauha says to ask to get out or I.. Mono says please don’t fight with didi. Tune says please calm down. Mauha says let mono see his didi brought an animal home. He is a murderer of our father. Nimki says please listen to me. Mauha says to choose between us and him. Tell me, him or us. Nimki says he is the father of my child. Mauha throws a glass on nimki. Nimki screams.. Babu and tune hold her. Babbu picks her and leaves the house.

Rekha says Babu went to his in-laws. Your son is out of your hands. He might bring them here. Annaro says he can’t dare. She says call him. Diamond says bhabhi’s brother isn’t well. Ritu says wow the temperature looks hot here. He says where is tettar? Annaro says asleep. Ritu says we have to go there is a lot of work. Annaro says it should be a huge rally. Everyone should see Tettar’s power. Ritu says Diamond where are you frineds. Rekha says his bhabhi tamed him too. Diamond says won’t Babbu go there? Ritu says he can’t go after all he did. He won’t even listen to anyone. Annaro says he will have to go. Annaro says Tettar always wanted Babbu to be with him. Rekha says but he is with Rekha now.

Babbu comes in. He says Diamond call doctor. Come on. Diamond looks at annaro. Sweeti says what happened to her. Babbu says she fainted. Sweeti says take her to room. Sweeti says why didn’t you take her to hospital directly. Babbu says Mauha hit me with a bot, Nimki came in between. Sweeti says let me call the doctor. ama please sit with Nimki. Babbu says to Ritu you get out.
Ritu says to Annaro if Mauha is against them she can be on our side.

Tune says you harmed nimki. Mauha says I was hitting Babbu. Tune says she came running here for mono. Mauha says why did he bring Babbu here. Rekha says call sweeti, please. I am really worried.
Doctor checks Nimki. She says dont’ let her take any stress otherwise the matter would go out of hands. Tune calls sweeti and asks how is nimki? She says yes doctor asked her to rest. Tune says is the baby okay? Sweeti says it’s fine. Tune says nimki how are you nimki? Please say something. Ramla says nimki say something. Should we come there? Nimki says no babbu is here. He will take care of me. Mauha says see. Babbu is there with her. She doesn’t need us. Sweeti says what happened to her. Nimki says I know how to convince her. She is like this. We will do everything. Babu says she wont’ accept me. Nimki says she would have to. I will convince her.

Tune says what are you doing. Mauha says she has new family. Her Babbu. Ramla says you asked her to choose. Mauha says she choose Babbu. Ramla says please go see her. Mauha says I don’t want to see her face. Tune says are you out of your mind? You would part ways with her. Mauha says I knew you would take her side. You were never mine. Nimki nimki all the time. Our relationship is over. don’t ever show me your face. She locks herself in the room. Tune leaves.

Babbu recalls what Mauha said. Nimki gets up. Babbu says doctor asked to rest. Nimki says would you shout now? He says no no doctor asked you to rest. SHe says my back hurts lying, can I walk in the room. Babbu makes her walk. Annaro looks at them. Nimki says why are you looking at me? He says Mauha.. And what you said. You chose me over your family? I will never forget that. Nimki says I said truth. This child is mine and so you.
Precap-Nimki says to Ritu how long would I keep this child in my belly? He says so all that motherhood was a lie? She says I will plan something like falling from stairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This crap should have ended long time ago.mahua is the correct character. Nimki is the problem woman who gets involved with men for money.

  2. End nimki mukhiya it is getting worse day by say same story nothing new

  3. We need changes in storyline otherwise this serial which started out with so much expectations will end another saus bhau story

  4. Now the story is coming on to the correct track of women empowerment. Women empowerment is directly proportional to the number of men sensitized, specially the husband, about empowering them through their co-participation in everything – from daily chores to jobs, economics, power, and politics. The combination of husband-wife, Babbu-Nimki, who hail from the diametrically opposing socio-economic segments, would be an ideal one to be the flag-bearers of ‘Women Empowerment’, provided, the serial makers don’t again switch over to too much of twists-and- turns, and drama-and-drama. I sincerely hope they now deal the subject with honesty and ingenuity, and of course, a good story line and good story telling. All the Best!

    1. Agree with you

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