Nimki Mukhiya 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki insults Babbu

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Nimki Mukhiya 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi holds Nimki’s hand. Babbu looks at them in anger. He comes in. Nimki and Abhi are dazed. Babbu says to doctor my mom isn’t well. Come with me. doctor says don’t you have shame. If you are not with her you can’t come in. She asks both abi and babbu to leave.

Mauha is drawing. Tune says seeing you after so long doing this. She says havent’ done anything in long time. He says we should do something for ourseleves often. Tune says yes Nimki said live life for yourself. maua says I thought she did but.. He says why is there a star in cloud? Mauha says I can’t see didi like this. That child would be here. I can’t own him. Would you? He says never.

Babbu and Abhi sit and wait outside. Babbu says how long would it take? Abhi says go from here. Don’t spoil Nimki’s treatment. He says my amma isn’t well and doctor has to come with me. ABhi says she has to get her treatment first. Babbu says you must always be second in all races. Abhi says at least I am not a sinner like you. Doctor says you can take nimki. She says to Babbu I can’t leave right now. She says you know Tettar? She says I know MNAs too. Nimki says MIL is dying?

Mauha says in this revenge Nimki will ruin everything. Tune says we can’t forget what happened. If nimki leaves him I will kill Babbu. Because of Babbu there are tears in Nimki’s eyes and I can’t see that. Mauha says do you still love didi? He says I don’t know if this is friendship or love.. But I have seen everything in her. He leaves.

A woman comes and says I voted for you Nimki. Nimki says I am pregnant. She syas I hope this guy has changed. Nimki says to abhi you will be called father of this child. This man doesn’t deserve to be called one. His child would spit on him. Media comes. Nimki stands with Babbu and says yes take a picture.

Scene 2
Annaro says where is everyone. Sweeti says what happened? Are you feeling cold? She shuts the fan. Sweeti says I have humanity left in me. Annaro says I am not counting either. Sweeti says if you were a mom you wont have tried killing a child annaro devi. Annaro says is that what you would call me now? She says don’t feel like calling you amma now. Annaro says you are enjoying seeing me ill now? Sweeti says you won’t die because you are already dead.

Nimki says to media I am here for a checkup with my husband. Babbu says shut up. Where is doctor. Reporter asks would it be a girl or guy? Nimki says ask Babu. She says they are asking name too. Nimki says babbu wants a daughter. He respects women a lot. It’s women’s time now. Abhi says yeah I will show animal’s daughter can be a human. Babbu says don’t call me animal. He breaks the medicines. Abhi hits him. Nimki says he is in tension. His mom is dying. He is about to slap her. Abhi stops his hand and says don’t even dare. Nimki says don’t let her die before the childbirth.

Precap-Nimki gives her clothes to Mauha. She says you are giving your clothes? Nimki says they don’t fit me anymore. Mauha says babbu did the sin and you have to sacrifice?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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