Nimki Mukhiya 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi doesn’t confess

Nimki Mukhiya 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says these earrings are very pretty. Why did you buy them. You have a nice choice. He says Mausi purchased these. Nimki says why didnt you send her to give then? He says no no I meant I asked her to bring them. she says I am wearing the same dress I was wearing two days ago. You get what I am saying? He says yeah. Nimki says SRK said if you want anything universe tries to get it to you. But I don’t know what universe is. He says its the whole world. Nimki says I thought it was a character. He says let me talk before someone comes. Mausi calls. Abhi says yeah I am talking.
Abhi says I.. Mono comes and says Tune is calling you outside. Nimki says stop. He takes abhi with him.

Nimki says you could say it. Nimki practices saying it. She says I love you abhi.


comes to Mahatu and says you are going to the fashion show? Mahatu says you are no less than a woman. Tettar says hey Mahatu. Mahatu says you can’t talk to me like that. You can’t stop a girl. Tettar says they sent my Babbu back because I still rule that place. He says people chose mukhiya nimki. You are nothing now. Tell your father in law. Nimki is more than a mukhiya. You still have time, go and shake hands with her. He says I wont let one person go to that fashion show.

Nimki hits mono. She says why did you come. Mono says you couldn’t do it. Nimki says bring him here I will tell him I love you in front of everyone.
Mausi gives Abhi his shirt. Elena says you look like hero. Elena says this is your lucky shirt. Mausi says at any cost you are going to confess to Nimki. He says no one can stop me today. Mausi says you have to say it today. I want Nimki in this house.

Tettar comes home. He is angry. He recalls how everyone has been insulting him. Tettar gets out of the car. ritu says what happened? Tettar says didn’t you hear what Mahatu said? We are losing everything. We are losing our power and name. Rotu says no people will go to that fashion show. Tettar asks a passerby where are you going? He says fashion show. Tettar beats him. He coughs. He says everything is over. Tettar says I am the ruler of this place. Burn the ghat tola down but don’t let this fashion show happen.

Nimki says papa you are heroin’s papa today. Nimki says I hope things work well today. Nimki says I have 70 minutes only. This is all to win. No one can take this time from me. This is from Chak de India. Everyone wishes luck to Nimki. Ismail comes and says Nimki tettar is burning everything down. Nimki asks Mauha to take Ram inside. Tettar has ruined the whole setup. He says I wont let this fashion show happen. Nimki says how dare you. Tettar says you have forgotten your culture? Your shame. I will tell you what fashion show is.
Precap-Nimki says I want people to see how disgusting your thoughts are.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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