Nimki Mukhiya 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki tries to cheer Elena up

Nimki Mukhiya 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki makes Elena eat. Elena says dont’ wanna eat more. Nimki says mausi eats this much in one bite only. They try to make her laugh. Nimki says you are a cow now. Mausi says yes I am. Nimki says she is for real not to just make you smile. They laugh. Bell rings. Mogaraylal comes in. He picks Elena. Mausi says what happened? He says Elena please go in. She says why? He says please. Mogaraylal says new BDO is going to issue notice to leave this house. He wants to shift here. He is doing all this so that Abhi never comes here. He will give one week in the notice. He is doing all this because Tettar is asking him. Elena hears all this. She is in tears. She locks the door. Nimki consoles Mausi.

Ramla says to Tune you look worried. Are you worried because of Abhi? He will

stop this transfer. Tune says it is difficult to stop this transfer now. It is dangerous for Nimki now. Abhi isn’t here either. Tune says I couldn’t do anything for Nimki. I couldn’t do the pipe alone either. I can’t do anything. Mauha says don’t say all that. You did so much for us. You always took care of papa. You are always there for nimki. You even paid for papa’s medicines. Nimki is easily in Abhi’s house because she knows you are here for us. Mauha says you have to do great things for us. Mauha says even if you don’t do, Nimki will make you do things. They laugh. Mauh says come now help me with the dishes. They laugh.

Nimki hugs Elena. She says I wont let you go. Mogaraylal says I will burn it. Nimki says this is your house. Elena says everyone kicks her out of the houses every now and then. Mummy gets ill because of the same transfers. Right mausi? MAusi says yes it took her life. Mausi says she got ill in one city and then they were transferred to a village. There was no hospital or doctor there. She passed awya. Masui and elena cry. Nimki hugs them. Nimki says my mom left me too. I never cried. Never cry Elena. Do you wanna talk to your papa? Mogaraylal says yes please. Nimki says let me video call your papa. But he would be sad to see your tears. You have to talk to him with a smile so he knows that you are brave.
Nimki video calls Abhi. Abhi says hi beta. She says papa.. Abhi says are you upset? She says will we leave this house too? Abhi is silent. Elena cries. Nimki says don’t cry. Abhi says we wont go anywhere. I am doing everything to make us stay here. Nimki says yayy you will stay here. Nimki says dance for elena now. Abhi dances on music to make elena laugh. Elena laughs. He says don’t laugh like this. Elen says you do such bad dance. Let us show you how to dance. Nimki and elena dance. Abhi imagines them dancing togeter. Mogaraylal says mausi ji you in tears? She says I had a dream. Abhi says dreams are meant to be broken.
Precap-Babbu burns all the old papers in the BDO office.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. its getting boring day by day so suggest to end the show asap

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