Nimki Mukhiya 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki will go to jail

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Nimki Mukhiya 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Annaor says how dare you give orders to him? Sweeti says let them handle it ma. Who is the servant? Ritu please the role of servant one place or other. She and Anaro go to her room. Nimki says she did such a good dialogue. Dablo laughs.
Nehar says Tettar is playing indirect. Kundan comes. Nehar says game is in our hands. Kundan says someone should have died to make this game more ignited. Nimki says the company is in Nimki’s name. People will go against her completely. She will ruin Tettar’s name too. Kundan says you are right.

Rituv gives Nimki. He says we have always supplied right meds from your company. See these purchase orders. Tettar and Babbu come in. Ritu tells Nimki how sales are done. Nimki is confused. Ritu says you don’t have to worry about all this. Mahatu calls Tettar and says you have named the company to Nimki? She is Mujhiya. You will be stuck in this game even more. Ritu says Nimki doesn’t get any money from company it will go to company’s welfare. Nimki leaves. Mahatu says there is another bad news.

Nimki says I am the owner of the company and i wont get money? SHe hears Tettar speaking on phone. Mahatu tells him entire game of Nehar. He tells Babbu that kundan and nehar are doing all this. Nimki will be arrested once the FIR is lodged. Nimki is dazed.

Scene 2
Abhi calls Nimki but she doesn’t pick. Mauis says nothing should happen to Nimki. Abhi says she might get arrested. Nimki says it will be so filmy. I will be so famous. My photo will be in paper. abhi says everything will be over for her. Nimki says more famous more power. People take my interviews. Abhi says her life would be ruined. Nimki says one time someone should go to jail.

Kundan and Nehar come home. Nehar says you have no power. You couldn’t get FIR registered. He says Tettar has bought him already. Nehar says you don’t even have enough power to buy an inspector. Kundan says you are insulting me. Nehar says you don’t have any respect anyway. I did so much you ruined my plan. Kundan says police deosn’t have any power to arrest Tettar. Nehar says then forget about becoming a MNA. Kundan says if police can’t do anything public can. When poeple are on road they have to come arrest Tettar.

Annaro says to Sweeti you can take this necklace. Sweeti says Babbu ji gave it to you. She says I will get another onee when he becomes MNA. Sweeti says what if father gets arrested. Anaaro says they only come here to salute us. They can never have enough power. Sweeit says now people have the power. Tettar listens. ANnaro says I am right? Sweeti is so worried. police can’t even come close to him. Tettar says yes don’t worry. Police can never come here.
Babbu says if police comes here it will be an insult for us all. Nikmki says babbu wont let me be arrested. she calls Tune and says I will be arrested. We will celebrate it. He says are you crazy?
Precap-Nimki says to Tune I wont get makeup there? He says you wont even have food. Nehar comes with police to arrest Nimkii.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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