Nimki Mukhiya 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Annaro plans to kill Nimki’s child

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Nimki Mukhiya 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki eats ice cream. Mauha says Abhi will spoil you. You ate ice cream yesterday too. Nimki says he brought it for me. Mauha says won’t he bring for us? Nimki says he is my boyfriend. Ramla says you just anything. They all go in.
Abhi says Tune told me Babbu had a fight with someone. They all know now that it’s Babbu’s child. Nimki says is Mausi is still mad at me? Abhi says she is worried for you. Nimki says everyone is worried for me. He says I don’t. I trust you. I know everything will be fine. Why did you have to go to haveli that day? If anything happens to you I won’t be able to take that. I really.. His ice cream falls. Nimki says it fell. You can share from mine. But on one condition. stand up, you have to dance with me. Abhi says what. Nimki says I will play a romantic song on the radio. The song heran hai plays. Abhi hugs her. Nimki says was it a dream? He says I don’t know. Nimki says it broke. Abhi says everything is fine. Nimki says do broken things fix? Abhi says broken dreams do. He caresses her face. Nimki slips. Abhi holds her. Everyone comes. Tune comes and says Nimki are you okay? Ramla says to call the dai. Abhi says dai? She says yes I am pregnant.

Annaro gives money to dai. She says you know what to do right. Sweeti looks at them. Rekha says you played so well. Nimki won’t even know the game would be over. Annaro says Sweeti give your dad meds. Rekha says she didn’t hear. Sweeti says what are you upto? Who was she? Rekha says I thought you would know. She is dai.. Sweeti says what was she doing here? What are doing? Annaro says stop it if you can. Rekha says she played. Nimki’s child will be gone.

Scene 2
Dai massages Nimki’s back. Nimki says you should open massage center. I will give you money from panchayat. Ganesh will come to you as well. She says I will massage men? Nimki says work is work. How long have you been doing it? She says since childhood. When my mom died.. Nimki says my mom died too. Did you cry? Dai says why don’t you abort this child? Nimki says this is proof for my justice. Ramla says nimki was throwing up. Give her the medicine. She recalls what annaro said. Nimki says her hands have magic. I wish there was music too. Nimk recalls dancing with Abhi. Sweeti calls Nimki but she doesn’t pick up. Sweeti says Nimki please pick the phone. They are planning to kill your baby.

Mauha says water is hot. Dai says let me get water. Nimki says go bring it. Dai comes to kitchen. She mixes something in the water. Mauha says where did you think about this massage parlor didi. Nimki says don’t start again.
Annaro takes Sweeti’s phone and slaps her. She says who were you calling? Sweeti says don’t do it. This is sin. Annaro says that child is sin. When people call Babbu his father that would be a sin. I won’t let nimki give birth to this child. She will never be able to conceive a child. Annaro locks her in the room.

Dai gives Nimki glass of water and says drink it. Nimki says it’s too hot. Ramla says let it cool down a bit. Nimki says Janki your hands have motherhood in them. My mom used to give massage me like this as well. And when she died it was Ramla. Mauha says if papa was here.. Ramla says give her the glass. It must be cold now. Janki says to drink it. Nimki is about to drink it.

Precap-Nimki drinks the medicine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I have always respected Nimki’s character in this serial, even though so much happened to her, she has held herself strong, I know many people hate this show because it is showing some of the bitter realities of the society, but I think that Nimki is one of the best examples to fight the evil doings of such people. She was right, she shouldn’t get depressed of what and all is happening, but that donkey Babbu, his cheap mother and all the other family members should get affected and get punished for their cheap thinking and wrongdoings. Nimki should never compromise with Babbu ? even if he has a change of heart in the heart where he might accept her and his child, women are always supposed to be sacrificing model. Nimki should not sacrifice her love. Please writers unite only Abhimanyu and Nimki, no more Sweetie or Babbu should come in between them. Please give Sweetie someone else more deserving but Nimki should not sacrifice anymore.please….?

  2. When is this sheeet GARBAGE with no story end? The writers copulated with animals before they wrote this sheeet!

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