Nimki Mukhiya 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki tells tune everything

Nimki Mukhiya 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ram says I would want you two to always stay togther but the day he feels like not keeping you I will take you from that house. Nimki hugs him and says you are the best father in world.
Nimki says to Ram go to BDO. He must be waiting.
Nimki says to Tune I want to talk.
Sweeti asks parbatya where is everyone? She says babu is upstairs. Sweeti says did anyone ask for me? She says no. Babbu says where are you coming from? She says market. He says you would lie to me? Sweeti says sad is that I have to give you clarification. He says you went to BDO? She says yes. He says is this dignified? She says you asking me this question isn’t dignified as well. Tettar comes and says what are you two talking about? You went out sweeti? I told you not to. Babbu says I sent her wit jhariya. She wanted some stuff. Ritu says shopping a lot these days? Is it fun. Babbu asys you don’t take her what else should she do. Tettar says take her to Patna after elections. Ritu says I offered entire country but she doesn’t agree. Tettar says go and spend a week there.
Babu says I saved you today but stop all this now. She says yes right.

Sweeti comes to her room and sees divorce papers. She sees Nimki’s sign.
Nimki tells Tune everything. He asys they are disgusting. they played for your life. you did so much for them. Why are you helping their campaign? She says I had some hope. She says I have a plan already. I will distribute pamphlets for him in the village. It will have all the bad things he has done. Tune says think of something else. She says we have a chance. We will bring Ratan in front of public and expose Tettar. He says you know these people will kick you out why are you living there? End it. She says no I wont make it that easy. I have to ruin tettar’s life first.
Mauha hears everything. she says what were you saying. Nimki says nothing.

Scene 2
Dablo comes to Nehar. He tells him about the new rally tettar is planning. HE says bring your people there and ruin his image. Nehar says tettar will kill them. Dablo says go with a plan to backfire with media. Show them you are the savior.
Nimki comes home. She says I have to go out again. I will say that chachi isn’t well. she hears Ritu saying Ratan’s game is over as well. He was very angry. Babbu says should have hit him. Ritu says I changed the topic. I said that Kundan and nehar used his money. He was angry at Nehar. Babbu says well done. Nimki says he is digusting. Ritu says gave him some money as well. Nehar wont know what happened.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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