Nima Denzongpa 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Nima tries to help Mania against the blackmailer

Nima Denzongpa 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mania checks the video and the blackmailer asks for money. Mania cries and says I have no idea, it was the audition but they edited it. She cries and tells Nima that you were there with me. They plotted all this. Nima says you don’t have to give any explanation, they are trapping us. I trust you but why would anyone do this with us? Mania says how did this happen? What will we do now? This is a huge amount. What will we do? Nima looks on and says we don’t know about this man. She asks Mania to think about what else happened there, we have to know what else they have against you. Mania tells her everything that happened at the audition and cries. Nima asks if anything weird happened? Nima says they use these clips to blackmail girls. Don’t know what else they can do. Nima starts leaving and says I need time.

Suresh comes to Suman’s house and sees Sarla there. He says you here? Where is Nima? Sarla says she had worked so she had to go. Suresh asks if everything is fine? Sarla says I don’t know and leaves.

Nima goes to the mandir and prays to the lord. She says I never did anything wrong but why do we have to suffer? My girls are suffering also. Please help us. The priest tells her to not worry, God will help her. Nima says if the Lord wants to take my test then I will be strong.

Mania tells Sia and Nari what would happen now? Nima comes there and says we have to face this time together. Mania says I am scared. Nima hugs her and says me too, I am scared like when I lost you in your childhood but I fought and won. Mania says I didn’t do anything wrong so they can’t blackmail me. Suresh comes there and says who blackmailed you? He asks Nima what happened? Sia says actually.. Nima says nothing happened. Suresh says tell me the truth, why are you not at the work? You all are at home, tell me something is wrong. I want to help. Nima asks him to go away. Suresh asks Sia and Mania but they are silent. Nima says we will handle it, he says fine and leaves. Nima says I don’t want to drag him in this matter as Tulika will be angry on him. We will find a solution.

Tulika sees Suresh coming home and thinks Nima must have told him everything. Tulika thinks how to find it if he knows the truth. She asks if everything is fine? Suresh says nobody tells me everything. He leaves. Tulika thinks Nima didn’t tell him anything?

Nima gets another video from the extortor who says they have 2 hours to give him money. They have another video of Mania. Nari says this guy is attacking Nima, he knows that her life is with her daughters that’s why he is sending messages to her. Nima says who would do that with me? Nari says only Tulika hates you this much. Nima says I don’t think Tulika can stoop this low. This must be someone else. Paras calls Mania and asks if everything is fine? Mania says I am not feeling well, I will talk to you later, she ends the call.

Tulika tells her father that I thought Nima would run to Suresh crying and asking for help but she didn’t say anything to him. Tulika asks her man to call her. He calls Nima and says I want money and don’t even try telling to anyone. Mania says you are a coward to make a fake video. The caller says I will upload it tonight if you don’t give me money. He ends the call. Nima panics. Sia says I am scareed. Nima says only way of solving this. She leaves with Mania. Suresh sees them going and says I have to find out what’s going on. He knocks on the door and talks to Sia. He asks what is going on? Nari says we can’t tell you anything. Suresh says I know your mother is strong but sometimes we all need help.

Nima and Mania go to the police station. Nima says tell them everything. Tulika’s man sees them going inside and calls Tulika. Nima talks to the inspector and tries to tell him about the extortion but Mania gets another video in which Mania is edited and looks like she is in a bed with a guy and they are both naked. Nima stops telling the truth to the inspector and looks on.

Precap: Nima’s neighbor calls her and tells her about Mania’s video. The producer calls Nima and Mania and threatens them that if they try to be smart, he will send the video to other people close to them. Suresh comes to Nima’s home. There, Sia tells him the truth. Suresh wonders who can do this. Nari says, who else gets happiness by troubling us. Suresh says, Tulika? Nari says, yes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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