Nima Denzongpa 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Mania and Sia falling in love?

Nima Denzongpa 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mania offers sweets to Suresh and sees his hand burned. Nari notices and leaves. Suresh tells Sia that I am happy to see my girls grown up. Nari brings ointment for him and asks him to apply it. Suresh gets emotional and says my daughters are with me in this time when my family didn’t even care about me. Mania jokes that Tulika and Sunita are someone’s daughters. Suresh laughs. Sia says we should go back now. They tell him good night and leave. Suresh smiles.

In the morning, Nima wakes up. Nari asks how is she? Nima sees her hands bandaged and asks what happened? Mania says you saved Sunita and got your hands burned. Baba brought you home and called the doctor. Sia says you won’t go to work today, I have called your ma’am. Nima asks why didn’t you go to your trip? Sia says I have to take care of you. Nima says but it’s about your career, you have to go for me otherwise I will blame myself. Sia says fine, I will get ready, they might have not left. Mania says I will drop her. They both leave.

Shiv is waiting for Sia. The bus is about to leave. Mania and Sia are in the rickshaw. Sia tries to message Shiv but her battery is low. The manager tells Shiv to sit on the bus, they have to leave now. Mania and Sia arrive at the stop but the bus is gone. Sia gets sad but Shiv comes there and says I was waiting for you. Sia says how did you know I would come? Shiv says Nima aunty called me. Sia says what? Shiv says Nima called and said you are coming, she asked me to wait for you. The bus left without Shiv. Mania says you both should leave but how? Shiv brings his boke. Mania says you can go to Pune on this? Shiv says yes. Mania asks Sia to go with him, I won’t tell her that you are going on a bike. Sia smiles and sits on his bike. They drive away. Mania smiles seeing them.

Sunita finds the gift box Suresh got from his work. She opens it to find a saree inside. Suresh is stunned and recalls how Nima must have taken his bag. He says it must be a mistake, I will return it. Sunita says they must have sent it for me. Tulika comes there and takes it from Sunita. She says this must be for me, they saw me last time. Sunita says you can take it. Suresh looks on.

Mania tells Nima that Shiv handled everything. Nima says he is a good guy. She gets ready for her shoot and leaves. Nari asks Nima to rest.

Shiv and Sia are on the bike. They both stop for tea and smile at each other. Shiv fixes her hair and she smiles at him. Otherside Mania is doing her photoshoot while Paras keeps smiling at her. Paras fixes her bindi and she takes pictures with him. Paras praises her.

Nari gets a call from her professor and says I can’t leave my Ayi. Nima asks what happened? Nari says we have an extra class today but I can’t go. Nima says I am totally fine so you can go. I won’t take medicine if you don’t go. Nari says fine, I will go but you take a rest. Nari leaves. Nima says I will go and return the gift to Maaji.

Nima comes to Suman’s house. Suresh asks why are you here today? You should take a rest. Nima says I am fine. She gives him the gift packet. Suresh says sorry, Tulika kept your gift. Nima says it’s fine, she already has a lot of my things. Suresh looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Nima tells Suresh, your hand burned too? You were telling me, now look at yourself. She takes his hand and applies ointment. He says, you’re the only one who always looks after me. Suman sees it and thinks Bakay was right that something is going on between them. She questions Nima why she didn’t tell her about Suresh and her. She says Suresh must leave from here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Tulika took nima’s gift!!!!!!!!!!😔

  2. Greed is a curse and that Tulika is cursed in more ways than one. Nima is good to be rid of Suresh as he is spineless, a joru ka gulam. As for Suresh’s mother, she is a scheming witch also. And the son is a congenital thief.

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