Nima Denzongpa 27th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima gets Mania ready for her wedding

Nima Denzongpa 27th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tulika asks Varun to give her money. Varun says I am just a kid. Suresh smiles at Mania and hugs her. The guests say let’s start the haldi ceremony. Mania sits down and her family applies haldi to her. Tulika applies haldi to her also. Nima smiles.

Paras’ haldi ceremony is done at his house also.

Sia is leaving the office early and tells Shiv that she needs to go shopping. Mayank comes there and tells Sia that Shiv is going to be a father soon. Sia looks on and congratulates Shiv. Mayank says I will go and drop Sia off. He takes Shiv’s bike key and leaves with Sia. Shiv looks on.

Mania gets ready as a bride. Sia, Nari and Sunita praise her looks. Nima comes there and says what is this? Mania asks what’s wrong? Nima says we promised to make you look pretty but something is missing, you have to smile. Mania laughs and says you were joking? Nima looks at her and gets emotional. Nima says I pray that Paras’ family likes her looks. Mania says you have all contributed to getting me ready, it’s important for me. Society women come there and praise Mania’s looks. They give a bracelet to Mania and say we are all like a family. Tulika says I want to give something to her also. She gives a tikka to her. Sunita says what is she up to? Suresh says to ignore her. He gets a call and says the driver has arrived for Mania. Mania hugs Nima sadly. Nima smiles at her and says we can’t cry as then Mania will break down also. Mania hugs her family together. The dhol starts playing, Mania says what’s this? Nima says a surprise. They come out of the house to see the band playing. They all start dancing. Nima asks Mania to dance with her and make memories. They all dance together. Nima tries to control her emotions, she wears glasses and dances with Mania. Mania hugs her and cries. All family members hug them and cry.

Mania arrives at the wedding venue. She calls Nima and says I have reached. Babita praises her looks, Nima hears it and ends the call. Maaji comes there and says what is all this? She tells Mania why are you wearing a cheap saree for your wedding? Your mother can’t even take one responsibility. She asks Suman and Babita to get her changed.

Nima comes back to her house and cries. She tells her family that I can’t believe I am not attending my own daughter’s wedding. Sunita consoles her.

PRECAP – Maaji calls Nima and says it’s good I had prepared everything in advance, we will get Mania ready ourselves as you are useless. Just stay away from this wedding. Ranisa laughs and tells Maaji that Paras ran away from the mandap again. Maaji is stunned to hear that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. A very emotional episode.
    I was in tears as I could reminisce my bidai

  2. I am sure that dadi n dinesh has planned paras ķidnapping or whatever as he is missing from his home

    1. I too think so..
      Coz in last episode they have said that nima and Manya story will be closed..🧐

  3. Dadi has claimed that she was well aware neema n her family would not be able to dress up manya as a bride as per their standards so she had well prepared in advance. Then why did she not took msnyas bridal dress up responsibility .??? There is something fishy.
    Looking forward for next episode. Whatever is the situation would not be revealed before Monday

  4. Fail to understand why mayank is deliberately bothering sia as he has already told kanchan that he is interested in her only n not in sia .

  5. I’m hoping that Paras has gone to get Nima and her family so they can attend the wedding. Anything else would be terrible.

    Also, Mayank is a bit creepy just like this girlfriend, Kanchan. The sooner Sia realises that the better. She really deserves better.

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