Nima Denzongpa 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Tulika tries to rile up Sia and Shiv’s lives

Nima Denzongpa 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sia gives her salary to Nima and says you waited your whole life for this right? Nima says enough, I know you are heartbroken but can’t you see anything? Don’t love me if you don’t want to but I am your Ayi so respect me. You can say anything what’s in your heart and end it. Sia says this is not the first time you made me go away from my love. My first love was my father, you didn’t get your love so you made us go away from our loves? Mania asks her to stop it. Nima cries and says if you people think that I made you go away from your father then I am sorry. She tells Sia that how can you forget that it was my mistake to get married like that, I don’t want my daughters to repeat that mistake. I understand your pain. Sia says I met Shiv’s wife today, I am so hurt. Nima says you have known Shiv for 1 month but I had known your father for years. I married him, left everything for him, got his daughters but then I saw him marrying another woman, have more kids and then I had to live in front of him for my whole life. How can you think that I want you to make your career for your salary? I was happy that you got the salary just for your future, I don’t need your money. Sia says can’t love and career is made together? Nima says yes but love makes you different. Think about Shiv, you said something to him but he didn’t give you a chance and got married? You also stopped living your life. I said all those things for your own benefit, I know you got hurt so I am sorry. I will wait for you. She leaves from there. Sia looks on.

Suman comes to Paras and says we can’t back off from this marriage as we will be insulted in the society and it will affect your sister’s life also. I am sorry. If Mitali had said no then things would have been different. Go and talk to Mitali, you will understand her better. Paras looks on.

Suresh comes to Sunita and asks her to go to sleep with Tulika so he can sleep on the sofa. Sunita asks him to stop dragging her in their fights.
Suresh comes to his room, Tulika says Sia has grown up so fast. I remember her running around in small pigtails but today she brought a shirt for you with her salary. Suresh says I am so happy, Nima has given them such a good life. Tulika asks if Nima and Sia are not fighting anymore? What about Shiv? Suresh says I knew you were doing the drama of getting gossip out of me. Stay away from my daughters, just focus on Varun. If you spy on them again then I won’t spare you.

Sia is sitting alone. Mania and Nari come there. Nari asks her to talk to them. Sia says I don’t want to talk. Mania says I know you are going through a difficult time but how can you talk to Ayi like that? this all happened because you lied to Shiv, you have to move on in life. You have to be strong now. Sia says I wish it was that easy, I see him daily and saw his wife today, she is so sweet. Shiv deserves a sweet girl but I wish I was in her place. I don’t think I can work there more, I will look for another job. Nari says don’t be stupid, it’s a good job. Mania says you might get a better guy than Shiv, just be strong.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sia is leaving for work. Nima tries to give her breakfast. Sia comes back and takes the lunch from her. Nima gets happy. Mania says everything will be fine. Nima sees the salary still on the table and says I asked Sia to put it in the bank. Mania says I will give it to her. Nima says we can’t keep in the house. I will deposit it in the bank.

Tulika comes to Sia’s bank. She looks around and asks a manager where is Sia? He asks why? Tulika says I want to open an account. The manager says you don’t need Sia for that. Sia comes there and asks what is going on? The manager says this woman was talking about you and misbehaving. Sia asks her to calm down and takes her to her table. She asks what do you need? Tulika says I want to open an account so thought to talk to you. Sia says it’s not my job. Tulika says you won’t do my work? Sia asks her to calm down and says I will do it. Sia starts opening her account. Tulika thinks how to talk to her. She starts crying. Sia asks what happened? Tulika says your baba is worried about you because of that Shiv’s matter. Sia says he told you everything? Tulika says I am his wife so he tells me everything. You can talk to me as I am your other Ayi. I know you are not talking to your Ayi so tell me, share things with me. Sia says I don’t want to talk about it. Sia leaves from there. Tulika is leaving but finds Shiv there. She stops him and asks if he is Sia’s friend? He says yes. Tulika finds his wife’s photo on his table and says you are married? Shiv says yes, I have a sweet wife. Tulika is about to talk about Sia but Nima arrives there.

The episode ends.

Precap: Nima gets stuck in a curfew chaos. Sia asks her sister over the phone that Nima didn’t reach home? A man is about to hit Nima with a bamboo. Nima screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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