Nima Denzongpa 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update

Nima Denzongpa 22nd April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maniya comes. Nima hugs her. Mona says to Gulshan now she will call her family here? Maniya says namastay to them. Nima says sit. Gulshan says I won’t go anywhere. Whoever wants to speak private can go elsewhere. Nima says maniya let’s go to Krish’s room.
Virat stops Priyal.. Priyal says leave me let me die. I wanna die. Virat slaps Priyal. She faints.
Nima asks Maniya are you okay? She says yes I’ve to be strong. Did I get curse from the girl Paras left for me? Nima says don’t say that. Life always gets better. Maniya says did your life get better? nima looks at Krish and says yes. Krish hugs her. Nima says you don’t need blood to be someone’s mom.

Scene 2
Varun comes to pick Chinkey. She sits in the car and says sorry I got late. He’s shocked to see her. He says you.. She says you. He says those were fake photos? She says your photos are fake too. He says it’s just filters. She says you low society boy. He says this car is 70 lacs. I have many things. She says you fraud. I sent my driver home. He says I also got this styling done. She says you did? He says yes and then I saw you? She says I will find an auto.

Maniya is leaving. Nima says I wish Sia was here too. Maniya says she’s not talking to aanyone these days. Nima says I was thinking of talking to Shiv. Maniya is leaving. Virat comes in with Priyal in his arms. He lays her on sofa. Mona says where did you find her? He tells them everything. Mona says send her back. Virat says we can’t. She’s not in a good place. Mona says how can we forget what she did. Tell him Nima. I can’t be part of her wrongdoings. Nima says Mona is right. If she’s decided it for her sister there must be some thought. I don’t think she should come here either. Virat says if that’s what you think I will shift her to guest house and she can leave tomorrow. Gulshan says that’s right. Virat says I am sorry Maniya I know how you must be feeling seeing Priyal.. Priyal wakes up in panic and says please don’t leave me. Maniya leaves.

Scene 3
Varun says I can’t let her go alone. He comes to her and says I can drop you. I am from a good family, I’ve nothing to do with you. If you want I can drop you home. She says I can go myself. He says okay. She says okay drop me. Maniya is leaving. Nima stops her. Nima asks where are you going? Nima says I didn’t know she would come. Forgive me. Maniya says I am not mad at you. I left her. But seeing her makes me uncomfortable. I can’t forget what she did. Please let tme go. She leaves. Virat says to Nima I can’t see tears in your eyes. I know how much have you suffered. The condition I found her in, I had no other option. If you want I can ask her to leave. Nima says if Maniya has forgiven her and so did you, you can decide.

Mona sees Chinkey coming with a guy. She says who is chinkey coming with? The car looks good. She sees it’s a guy. Mona says I hope it’s a dashing guy. what to do with Priyal. Sunita calls Tulika and says where did you go? Come back soon I miss you both. Varun’s friend comes and asks where is Varun? She says he’s not home. He’s worried if Varun doesn’t come on time what will he answer to the car owner.

Krish says to Nima P bad. No P. Nima says I am with you. Don’t worry, you have Bappa too now. Virat says and dad too. Nima asks how is Priyal? he says she’s not well but I will get her a hotel. She shouldn’t stay here, it’s not good for you.

Episode ends

Precap: Virat stops Nima and thanks her. Priyal holds Virat’s hand and says please don’t leave me alone today. Nima leaves the room.
Virat stops her and sees she is disturbed by wind and ties her hair and says to her don’t stop yourself from feeling these emotions Nima.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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