Nima Denzongpa 18th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima to attend Mania’s wedding as a servant

Nima Denzongpa 18th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Paras tells his family that he can’t keep society over Mania and her family. We can’t agree to this condition. Suman proudly smiles. Dinesh tells Paras that we have accepted your wife, your baby and we are ready to get you married in a grand way but you can’t hide a small fact? Maaji says who would ask about Mania’s parents after the marriage? No one would care so we just have to hide it till the wedding is done. Mania says I can’t thank you enough for accepting me but my heart would never accept it. Nima says Maaji is totally right. Mania is stunned and says what are you saying? I can’t get married without you. Suresh asks Nima to think about it. Paras says it’s a big deal, you don’t have to agree to any condition. Nima asks if she can talk to Paras and Mania? Maaji says okay.

Sia, Mayank, Shiv and Kanchan are in the restaurant. Mayank eats what Sia has ordered for him, he doesn’t like it. Kanchan asks if he liked what Sia ordered for him? Is he regretting it? Sia’s choice is simple like her. Shiv looks at Sia and tells Kanchan to behave. Mayank says this dish is very delicious, my taste is getting developed so thank you Sia. He tells Kanchan that Sia is not simple, she is a career-focused girl. He says if Sia had worn the dress that Kanchan is wearing then she would look very pretty. Kanchan gets angry and goes to the washroom. Sia looks on.

Nima talks to Paras and Mania. Paras tells Nima that I am not leaving Mania so we don’t have to agree to any condition. Nima says it’s about their relatives and society. I have seen Maaji for years and her family’s honor matters to her the most but she is ready to accept Mania which is a big deal. Suresh says it’s our daughter’s wedding. Nima says Maaji is compromising also, she is accepting Mania which is a miracle. Everything will be fine with time. I can’t snatch their son from them just because I want to attend a wedding. She tells Mania that I was not present in your real wedding also so what’s the difference now? Just accept this condition, this is not about you both, you have to think about your baby also. Paras and Mania look on.

Mayank gets a message and tells Shiv-Sia that I have to take this call. Shiv asks him to leave, he doesn’t have to ask for everything from Sia. Mayank says I have good manners, he leaves. The waiter asks if they need anything else? They both ask for tea. Shiv smiles at Sia.

Mayank goes to the washroom, Kanchan is there. He says you couldn’t see me with someone else? You are married so I can like anyone I want right? Kanchan says stop all this. Mayank says you started all this and now you are angry at me? Kanchan says I am married now, when I needed you, you were not there so I don’t need your help now. Stop flirting with Sia. Mayank grabs her and says why do you care if I flirt with Sia? If you don’t like me then why do you get jealous when you see me with Sia? Now you understand what I feel when I see you sleeping with Shiv in a room? It makes my blood boil? He pulls her closer. Kanchan recalls him taking care of Sia and pushes him away. She says I saw how you were taking care of her. Mayank says you are a fool. I don’t like simple and nice girls like Sia. I like girls who are bombshells like you. I am still crazy about you, I can’t pretend to be your rakhi brother. I will take care of Shiv, just come with me. Will you come with me? Kanchan looks on. Mayank says please, answer me. The door knocks, Shiv is outside and asks if everything is okay? Kanchan gets tensed.

Scene 2
Sunita talks to the priest and asks him to prepare everything, tomorrow is a big day for my family. He says I will prepare everything. Varun hears that. Sunita leaves. Varun asks the priest what is preparing for? Sunita comes back and scolds him for spying on her. She asks him to stay in the limits. She takes him from there.

Shiv asks Kanchan if she is fine? Kanchan says I am coming in a bit, you can go. Shiv says I am waiting for you outside. A woman comes outside the washroom and asks if there is anyone inside? He says yes, my wife. Kanchan tells Mayank that we have to do something. Shiv will find out you are with me inside. Mayank says wait. Sia comes outside the washroom too. Sia asks if everything is fine? Shiv is about to knock again but Kanchan comes out and says let’s go. She takes Shiv from there. The woman enters the washroom and finds Mayank there. She screams. Shiv stops hearing her screaming, Mayank runs away from there before they can see him. Shiv asks the woman what happened? Kanchan says there was a lizard in the washroom so she might be scared of that. The woman is confused. Kanchan takes Shiv from there.

Nima and her family comes back to Maaji. Maaji asks what’s your decision? Nima says you are totally right and we are thankful to you, we accept your proposal. Dinesh smirks. Maaji says you took the right decision, your daughter is going to live in a bungalow now so you must be elated. Nima says I just have a request. Dinesh says we won’t accept any conditions. Nima says it’s just a request, can we become part of the wedding? my daughters are my everything and it’s her wedding. Even if we can’t attend like her parents, we can stay in the wedding as this house’s servants? Please, it’s a request. Maaji says that’s impossible, it would be weird. When you would see your daughter then the truth will come out. I can’t take that risk. Nima says I promise I won’t let anyone know that Mania is my daughter. I just want to be near her on her wedding day. Suman says please Maaji, Nima lives for her daughters, if she is promising then we should trust her. She wouldn’t jeopardize her daughter’s wedding. Maaji says if they fulfill their promise then I don’t care. She can attend the wedding as a servant. Nima gets happy. Maaji asks her to leave, I will talk to the priest and inform you about the wedding day. Nima says okay. Paras says I will drop you back home. Suresh says it’s not needed. Paras says you part of the family now. Nima leaves with her family.

Kanchan, Mayank, Shiv and Sit sit together. Mayank asks Kanchan where was she? Kanchan says I don’t need to tell you. Sia says it’s late so let’s leave. Shiv asks for a cheque. Mayank teases Kanchan using his foot. She kicks him under the table. Mayank thanks Sia for coming on the lunch. He asks Sia to help him find a good house. Shiv says I will help you. Mayank says I am already living with you, Kanchan doesn’t like it. He asks Sia to help him find a good house. Shiv glares at him. Sia looks on.

Nima and Mania come back to their house. Sunita says they agreed to accept Mania? They had to because Mania would give them a grandson.. Nari glares at her. Sunita says I mean it can be a grand-daughter also, I would be happy in any case. Mania looks sad, Sunita asks her to smile, it’s a good news. Nima sits down with her and says I have to tell you something. She tells the family about the condition. Sia says we would be part of Mania’s wedding as some random people? Mania says what kind of marriage is this if I can’t enjoy with my family? Nima says enough sadness, Mania is marrying a good guy so we don’t need to be sad. Let’s be positive, I don’t want to see anyone sad now. She tells everyone that Mania is already married and we were not part of it. Sunita says but that was different. Nima says we will always be Mania’s family and we can celebrate everything here, nobody can stop us here from celebrating. Sunita says we will dance here only. All laugh. Sunita says everything is going well and I have a surprise for tomorrow, you all should be ready. She asks Sia to go late tomorrow on the job. Nima asks what’s the surprise? Sunita says I will reveal it tomorrow. All smile.

The episode ends.

Precap: Nima gets happily surprised when Sunita puts gajra/flowers in her hair. Later, Sunita gathers everyone and informs Suresh that he and Nima are getting married today. Everyone’s shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. 🌼 although not fair that many has to pose as an orphan but still love the fact that atleast manya is accepted with her child in the goenka family.
    Luv ajis change now she has turned positive started luving neema n her daughters.

    Seems that kanchan n Mayank would be exposed n shiv would leave her finally to unite with sia

    1. Just hope that evil Maaji and her equally evil son don’t cause more hassle by making Manya their free of charge “Bai” (maid) replacing Nima to do all the work in the house.

      Time for Ranisa to say something 😁

  2. I agree w Jacky 🙂

    Time to get rid of the evil Maaji n let Ranisa rise up n shine !!!

    Can we have a bit of positivity n Happiness in Nima n her daughters lives now :-)??

    1. Couldn’t agree more Cammie 😊 regarding bringing some positivity into Nima’s family. And some proper happiness for once.

      In fact I said the same, in the 11Jan episode write up.

  3. I think that ranisa will come at the paras mania wedding

  4. Have just seen tomorrow’s episode.
    Seems kanchan is pregnant with Mayanks child. So soon she would be exposed as pregnancy might be longer than the marriage time.
    Looks evil dadi is doing something as when she told Suman that marriage muhrat is after 2 days Suman was excited to tell to Nima but she didn’t allow n said that all arrangements r done by goenka family so Nima doesn’t need to be informed I advance

    1. Where’s and when have you seen?
      Voot select?

  5. Where’s and when have you seen?
    Voot select?

    1. Yes dear supriya

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