Nima Denzongpa 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima informs Paras’ family about Mania’s pregnancy

Nima Denzongpa 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tulika’s doorbell rings so she gets worried that it might be the police. She wakes Varun up and tries to hide. Varun sleepily opens the door and asks if he is from the police? He says no. Tulika comes to the door and asks who is he? The man says I am a lawyer, Suresh has filed for a divorce, I am here to deliver the notice. Tulika is stunned. The lawyer says if you don’t present yourself in the court then it will go against you, he leaves. Tulika looks at the notice and can’t believe it.

Suresh and Nima are leaving to talk to Maaji. Sunita blesses them. Nima asks Mania to not worry at all, she hugs her and asks her to keep smiling. They both leave.

Suresh is leaving with Nima but Tulika stops him, he says I don’t want to talk to you, Tulika says we can solve everything. Suresh ignores her and tells Nima to let’s go. Tulika cries and says he is ignoring me for her.

Ranisa, Maaji and Dinesh are waiting for Nima and Suresh. Ranisa says I will stay here to meet Mania’s parents. Maaji says you need to go to the mandir, you should go as it’s not that important. She asks her to go and pray for Paras.

Shiv is getting ready. Mayank asks him what he should wear as he has a date with Sia. He says I don’t know. Mayank smirks.

Suresh and Nima arrive at Dinesh’s house. Bakay stops them and says it’s good that you both are here, he tells Nima that there is too much work in the house, let’s get started. Nima looks on. Maaji comes there and asks Bakay to go from there. Take a day off and take all servants with you. Bakay nods and leaves. Maaji glares at Nima.

Mania is worried, Sunita stops her and says don’t take tension, you are pregnant so it’s not good for you. The doorbell rings, she opens it to find Tulika there. Tulika asks her to come out and talk to her. Sunita comes out and asks what is it? I don’t have much time. Tulika says talk to Suresh, he wants to divorce me so you have to stop him. Sunita says you have sold my house so I can’t help you now, Suresh gave you a lot of chances but you never changed. I have opened my eyes so you can’t fool me. Mania sees them talking and leaves. Varun tells Sunita to think about his future without his father. Sunita says you are not so innocent, I will think about Suresh’s happiness only. She leaves from there.

Scene 2
Paras meets Nima and Suresh. He asks them to sit down. Suman, Dinesh and Maaji are there. Nima and Suresh sit down. Dinesh says let’s come to the point, I have called you both here to say that we have accepted Paras and Mania’s marriage. Nima gets happy and thanks him. Maaji says society is taunting us so we can’t get them married right away, we have to wait for some months before announcing their marriage. Dinesh says till then Paras will focus on our US business. Paras says I won’t go anywhere leaving Mania here. Dinesh asks him to shut up. Paras says no. Maaji says we have accepted your wife and you still are not happy? We have accepted Nima’s daughter, what else do you want? Nima says thank you so much, I know it was a difficult decision for you. We never thought Mania would get married in a family like this. Actually, Mania and Paras can’t be separated. Suman says what are you saying? Nima looks down.

Sia, Mayank and Shiv are in the office. Mayank asks Sia to go on lunch with him. She says okay. Kanchan arrives there, all dressed up. Mayank tells Sia that Shiv-Kanchan will join us on the lunch as well. Sia looks on.

Maaji asks Nima why can’t Paras-Mania’s marriage wait? Nima says actually.. Paras says Mania is.. Dinesh says what is it? Nima says Mania is pregnant. Everyone is shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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